Travel Insurance for Sweden

Sweden is known for interesting food, a history with Vikings, and much more. With the country being the home to 15 UNESCO world heritage sites, you will never run out of places to go to. For the wild adventurer, lots of extreme sports are offered such as dog-sledding and heli-skiing. Before starting your exciting vacation, don’t forget to apply for travel insurance for Sweden trips.

The lone traveller can avail of the Travel Protector Plus Plan 1,500,000 from Liberty Insurance for as low as 570 for a three-day trip, which can cover emergency medical evacuation needs if you get stuck somewhere while riding a canoe in Sweden, a Schengen country.

Travel insurance for Sweden: Coverage you need

You may have planned to have a coffee break, visit the Royal Palace, or kayak through Stockholm, but always take precautions. As great of a planner you are, applying for a travel insurance for Sweden as a Plan B will always come in handy. The Travel Protector Plus Plan of Liberty Insurance can help you during unplanned moments such as:

1. Personal Accident and Medical Expenses. If you became a bit too ambitious with your athletic capability while skiing, a trip to the hospital can be covered by up to ₱2.5 million. Medical expenses after the return trip are also included in this travel insurance.

2. Travel Inconveniences. You finally got to take a step on the soil of Sweden, unknowingly, your baggage rolled along Norway instead. Unlike other insurance companies, Liberty Insurance will cover ₱12,500 for a minimum of 6 hours. Having your travel delayed is also covered for ₱12,500 for every 6 hours.

3. Emergency Assistance. While you’re recuperating from your reckless skiing adventure, a loved one might be worried sick about you way back home. A compassionate visit is offered which covers ₱2,500 per day and maxing out at ₱100,000 with their travel expenses also covered.  


After finding the right travel insurance with GoBear, pack some travel tips to help you get around the country and know more about its culture.


Swedish, English, Danish, Norwegian


It is highly recommended to exchange your currency to the Swedish Krona when visiting. Despite being part of Europe, the Euro is seldom accepted, and more so for the US dollar. There are a number of reputable exchange offices in Stockholm Sweden if needed. Although, the easiest and most convenient way is to use their ATMs to exchange your currency to the Swedish Krona.


Sweden culture: Adapt like a local

It is a common practice for Swedes to be having a fika at a cafe somewhere nearby. A fika basically means “to have coffee”, but it can also be understood as simply taking a break from work. This is usually a time to spend with others and converse. This has already become a common practice in the workplaces of Sweden, even in government institutions. So when you’re invited by the locals for a fika, enjoy the time and take a break from your busy adventure.

Are you a lone adventurer looking for travel insurance for Sweden vacations? Compare travel insurance with GoBear Philippines and choose the insurance that will meet your needs.

Things to do in Sweden

Extreme sports and activities that you can do in Sweden highly depend on the season. You could play golf at Halland during the summer, or go skiing at the slopes up north. But no matter what you do, safety is our first priority. Caring for your health involves applying for travel insurance for Sweden vacations. If you’re the type that loves adrenaline, you could consider adding a hazardous sports cover for your insurance policy.

Stockholm Sweden tourist attractions

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is filled with the rich Sweden culture and wonderful Swedish food. If you want to see the beauty of Sweden’s history, the old town in Stockholm will not disappoint. There are rustic buildings dating all the way back to the 1700s.

Also, don’t forget to visit the Royal Palace while in the old town. The changing of the guards happen just outside, and during the summer, there’s also a military band and decorated horses to see.