Travel Insurance for Naga

Naga is a place of peace. With its numerous churches and natural attractions, tourists are sure to find relaxation and quiet in this serene city. What’s sure to make your trip more serene, especially if you are up for some adventure to break the silence, is getting a travel insurance for Naga getaways, such as the "Travel Protector Plus Domestic 500,000 plan" from Liberty Insurance.

It's one of the cheapest domestic insurance plans out there at ₱98, for a trip of up to 4 days.

Travel insurance for Naga: Coverage you need

To give you a peace of mind for your Naga tour, it is recommended to avail of trip insurance to avoid the hassles of spending huge out-of-pocket expenses due to flight cancellations, loss of passport, and even body injuries during sports activities. Some coverage included in Liberty's plan are:

  1. Personal Accident & Medical Expenses: Liberty Insurance Travel Protector Plus Domestic 500,000 travel insurance can provide up to ₱500,000 in personal accident coverage, ₱250,000 in medical expenses coverage, and ₱3,500 in hospital allowance.

  1. Travel Inconveniences: In case your flight to Naga gets delayed, you don’t need to worry about spending extra for hotel accommodations. This travel insurance for Naga can shoulder least ₱500 in food allowance per 6 hours of delay and ₱1,000 for hotel accommodations allowance per 12 hours of delay.

  1. Emergency Assistance: Liberty Insurance’s travel insurance for Naga offers up to ₱15,000, in case you need immediate medical evacuation because you injure yourself during an ATV ride.


After finding the right travel insurance with GoBear, pack some travel tips to help you get around the city and know more about its culture.


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How to get to Naga

Located in Camarines Sur, Naga is accessible via air and land travel. The Naga Airport, which is actually located in Pili, can be reached via daily domestic flights. From Manila, flight to Naga takes 1 hour. Land travel from Manila via bus to takes 8 hours. Before, Naga tourist spots can also be reached by taking the Philippine National Railways’ (PNR) Bicol Express, which takes nearly 24 hours from Manila. However, trips with the PNR are currently suspended.

Best time to travel

The Feast of Our Lady of Peñafrancia is held in honor of the image of the Virgin in Naga City, which is a copy of the Madonna in Peñafrancia, Spain. The Feast of Our Lady of Peñafrancia is held every third Saturday of September. What to do in Naga during this time? You can take a cue from the devotees, who celebrate with a novena, nine days of prayer and a colorful evening procession livened up with lit candles on boats along the Naga River, with devotees shouting “Viva la Virgen!”

Getting around Naga

The main transportation mode for getting around Naga tourist spots is via tricycle. Majority of Naga’s tourist spots are within walking distance from each other.

Naga tourist spots

Known as a pilgrim city, the most visited attractions in Naga are the churches, where devotees usually take a pilgrimage. Walking distance from each other are the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral, Basilica Minor de Nuestra Señora de Peñafrancia, San Francisco Church, Porta Mariae, and the Our Lady of Peñafrancia Shrine. You can also go to other Naga tourist spots like the Museo Conciliar del Seminario de Nueva Caceres, which features archaeological artifacts from pre-colonial Philippines and Roman Catholic relics from the Hispanic era.



What to pack

For your “pilgrimage” in Naga tourist spots, make sure to err on the conservative side when it comes to clothing. Wear comfortable jeans and shirts made from light materials. You can also bring fans, face towels, umbrellas and a bottle of water with you wherever you go in order to stand the heat. Carry your adventure cameras with you should you go on the outdoor adventures. And do get trip insurance.

Are you booking a flight to Naga? Make sure you got everything covered! Compare travel insurance Naga with GoBear to see what’s the best travel insurance for Naga trips.

Where to eat in Naga

Dishes in the Bicol region are famous for their spiciness and use of coconut milk. When in Naga, don’t forget to taste the local recipe of the Bicol express, a flavorful stew made from long chilies, coconut milk, and shrimp paste. Laing and pinangat, on the other hand, is a rich and creamy dish made from dried taro leaves and coconut milk. Lastly, kinalas is pig or cow brain savored in noodle soup.


What to do in Naga

If you’re a nature lover, you will love the trek to the slightly uphill Mt. Isarog National Park and the rough trail to Nabuntulan Falls. You can also try the newest activity in Naga City which is riding an ATV to Malabsay Falls before soaking in its cold waters, of course after getting travel insurance. If you’re opting for the trail less traveled, go to Naga Ecological Park for some peace, quiet and nature. After a day of outdoors, relax at Panicuason Hotsprings Resort, with natural pools that will ease your tired muscles. Or, you can unwind with drinks and fun at Magsaysay Street, one of the Naga tourist spots famous for its nightlife.