Travel Insurance in Japan

Called the Land of the Rising Sun, a Japan trip brings a distinct cultural experience found nowhere else in the world. Its multiple zen gardens and temples have been inspirations of minimalist designs both in technology and in architecture. It is also the birthplace of anime and has created a subculture of young Japanese known for their unique fashion outfits. You’ll never find all these unique experiences elsewhere! Make sure you’re fully covered by availing of travel insurance in Japan.

A Japan trip should give you zen-like peace. A travel insurance plan like the STARR Asia plan can protect you from shelling out a lot of money in case of emergencies (such as a Godzilla attack, whether Voltes V takes care of the menace or not.) We share with you some tips on how to travel to Japan on a budget.

Travel insurance for Japan: Coverage you need

To maintain your zen-like peace of mind during your Japan trip, the STARR Asia Plan has just the right travel insurance that you need. This insurance policy provides the following coverage:

1. Personal Accident and Medical Expenses. In case you get sick and hospitalized, and you do not have health insurance, STARR can shoulder your expenses while in Japan, where hospitalization is more likely to be more expensive than at home, for up to ₱500,000.

2. Travel inconveniences. Should you lose your luggage while in transit, your travel insurance for Japan can reimburse up to ₱20,000 in total, or ₱3,000 per item, depending on what is more relevant.

3. Emergency Assistance. If you will rent a third party home such as via Airbnb, Couchsurfing or homestay and you end up being legally liable for damages such as denting, scratching, or breaking property, STARR can give you up to ₱1 million to cover for any payment that arises.


After finding the right travel insurance with GoBear, pack some travel tips to help you get around the country and know more about its culture.




Japanese Yen (JPY).


Japanese Culture

Social harmony is one of the most important values in Japanese culture. Therefore, spoken words and non-verbal communication have equal weight. It's best to wear a neutral facial expression or body language when speaking and try to avoid frowning, sighing, fidgeting or staring. When entering a Japanese home, you should also leave your shoes and put on slippers at the doorway.

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Japan trip: things to do here

Essential to your Japan trip is Mt. Fuji, the country’s highest peak one of its most famous landmarks. You can watch the sunrise from the the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. A ferry ride away from Hiroshima is Miyajima, or the Shrine Island. It is home to Itsukushima Shrine, the Great Floating Gate, and many fascinating walkways and bridges. Finally, try another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Hida Mountains or Japanese Alps at the Chubu-Sangaku National Park in Honshu, during your travel to Japan. Watch the beautiful landscape, dip into the hot springs, and see the mountain antelopes.

Where to go in Japan

Just around the capital city of Tokyo is the Imperial Palace. Nearby destinations in the city are Ginza shopping district and the Kabuki-za Theater, where you can watch cultural performances. Many tourists also travel to Japan to see the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, built in remembrance of the victims of the nuclear war. The city of Kyoto is also a cultural center spared from the World War, thus preserving many old temples. You can visit the Golden Pavilion, Nijo Castle, the Kyoto Imperial Palace and the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. Other cities to view traditional palaces and temples are Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Nara.

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