Travel Insurance for Davao


Davao is the home of the Philippine Eagle, the durian fruit, and the current President of the Philippines.  Located in Mindanao, Davao attractions offer an urban vibe but with emphasis on nature and wildlife. On the outskirts of the city are adventure activities to soak in the sun, sea and the sky! Make sure that you have travel insurance for Davao getaways, such as the “Travel Protect Local Plan A” of Standard Insurance, available to buy for ₱121 for a solo, week-long (7 days) adventure in one of the more popular cities in the Philippines.


Travel insurance: Coverage you need


To give you a peace of mind for your Davao itinerary, it is recommended to avail of trip insurance. Under the Travel Protect Local Plan A of Standard Insurance, you can pay only  ₱121 and receive the following coverage:


  1. Personal Accident & Medical Expenses: In case of personal accidents during a trip, Standard Insurance Travel Protect Local Plan A can provide up to ₱500,000 for personal accident coverage and ₱250,000 for medical expenses while travelling. Unfortunately, it does not include medical expenses coverage after the return trip and emergency first medical treatment.

  1. Travel Inconveniences: Do you need to cut your trip short to, say, just five days because of an emergency? The plan offers up to ₱20,000 to cover for expenses on prior reservations

  1. Emergency Assistance: the travel insurance for Davao from Standard Insurance offers up to ₱15,000, in case you need immediate medical evacuation because you tripped and rolled your ankle while chasing a Philippine Eagle.




After finding the right travel insurance with GoBear, pack some travel tips to help you get around the city and know more about its culture.

The best time to travel to Davao is during the Kadayawan Festival, an annual feast in celebration of a bountiful harvest. It is held every third week of August and is derived from “madayaw”, a friendly greeting that is rooted from precious and beautiful. Kadayawan Festival performances involve displays of fruits, flowers, vegetables, and grains. During this seasons be sure to book Davao hotels  with your travel agency in advance to avoid inconvenience.



Davao Cebuano, Chavacano de Davao, Tagabawa-Bagobo, Manobo-Bagobo, Mandaya, Hiligaynon (Ilonggo), English, Filipino


How to get there


Davao is accessible via air, sea and land travel. The Francisco Bangoy International Airport, commonly known as Davao International Airport, is a gateway to both domestic and international flights. There are daily flights from Manila, Tagbilaran, Cebu, Iloilo, Zamboanga, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Clark, Puerto Princesa and Kalibo. It also has direct and connecting flights from Hong Kong and Singapore.

From Manila, flight takes 1 hour and 40 minutes. Its international seaports, the Sasa Wharf and Sta. Ana Wharf, are also accessible via ferries and roll-on and roll-off (ro-ro) connections from Cebu, Iloilo, Zamboanga, and General Santos City. From Manila, land travel takes 48 hours. Ready to fly? Make sure you have your t
ravel insurance for Davao because holding the policy during the trip is important.

Modes of transportation


Getting around Davao tourist spots is possible with tricycads (pedicabs), e-tricycles, tricycle, buses, multicabs, vans, and taxis. Renting cars and vans are also a viable option. Compared to other major cities in the Philippines, traffic is moderate and the fare is cheap. To go to Samal Island, water taxis are the recommended transportation.


Davao City tourist spots


The Davao City People’s Park showcases life-sized sculptures of the Philippine eagle, the durian, and the ethnic tribe of the Lumads. Another attraction is the mountain resort of the Eden Eco Park, where you can enjoy cooler weather and lush greenery. Some of the cultural destinations to see are the Davao Museum, the T’boli Weaving Center, and the Chinatown. You can also watch ethnic performances showcasing local customs and dances at Tribu Tribal Village.



What to do in Davao

Visit the Philippine Eagle Center, which is the home of the monkey-eating eagle and other predators such as serpent eagles, hawks, sea eagles, and more.  Go on a river tubing adventure at Malagos and Apiik River. For extreme sports, try Outland Adventure Camp famous for zipline rides, wakeboarding at Deca Wake Park, and water rafting along Davao River. A trip to Samal Island to soak in the sun and the sea is also a great idea.

Where to go in Davao for Food

Don’t forget to look past durian’s horrendous smell and bite into the sweet fruit. You can also try kinilaw, a popular seafood dish made from fresh, raw tuna or swordfish marinated in vinegar or citrus fruits and topped with red peppers. For fine dining, try The White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge that offer Japanese and European cuisines. Finally, try the healthy dishes of Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen, which are harvested from their organic farm in Wangan.

Things to bring

For a day of food trips and photo walks along Davao attractions, wear sturdy sandals for easy drying even after water activities such as river tubing, rafting or wakeboarding. Waterproof your gadgets and other belongings by bringing resealable plastic bag or dry bags. Always take with you your best camera, because you’ll be seeing wildlife unique to the Philippines!

If you book a ticket to an adventure getaway, think about getting travel insurance for Davao to reimburse your expenses in clothing in case of baggage loss or hotel accommodation in case of trip cancellation Compare travel insurance with GoBear Philippines to find cheap or comprehensive coverage.