Travel Insurance for China


China has always been rich in history and culture. Today, it has become a melting pot of modern lifestyle and ancient traditions. It’s a good place to visit if you’re planning for an Asian getaway vacation with the best value for your money. Since travelling to China is not without risks, it’s important that you travel with a travel insurance for China trips.

Travelling to China is generally safe. However, accidents still happen. You may suffer from medical emergencies, as well as mishaps and accidents. Good thing, there are plenty of insurance companies that will get you covered whenever you visit China. Standard Insurance, for one, provides coverage for emergencies, personal accidents, medical expenses, and loss of money and personal items. By getting the right insurance policy, you can enjoy the best that China has to offer.

Travel insurance for China: Coverage you need

To make your travel to China as smooth as possible, Standard Insurance has an insurance policy that covers everything you might need when you travel to China. Their plan covers the following:

1. Personal Accident & Medical Expenses. With Standard Insurance travel insurance, you get a coverage of ₱1.5-M for both personal accident and medical expenses while you travel. The policy also allows you to have ₱2,000 worth of hospital allowance for a maximum of 10 days.

2. Travel Inconveniences. This travel insurance for China covers lost baggage and personal items. Each item can be reimbursed for ₱2,500 each for a maximum of ₱25,000. The policy covers trip cancellation, delays, termination, and even cash outs due to delay. Advance of money and rental vehicles are also covered in this insurance plan.

3.  Emergency Assistance. Emergencies happen though we don’t ask for it. Standard Insurance’s travel insurance plan for China covers personal liability for ₱500,000. They also cover almost everything from emergency dental expenses, medical evacuation and repatriation, hospital admission guarantee, ambulance service, medicine delivery, compassionate visit, care for unattended minor, and sports cover.



After finding the right travel insurance with GoBear, pack some travel tips to help you get around the country and know more about its culture.




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Best time to visit


April to May (Late Spring) – The weather is comfortable with summer rains. Avoid the Labor Day week from May 1 to 7. It’s cheaper to travel during these months compared to October.


October (Early Autumn) – The weather is at its best. Just make sure to avoid travelling during the Chinese National Day Holiday in the first week.


November to March (Low Season) – The weather is cold but flights, entry tickets, and hotels are cheaper. Perfect if you really want to save money. Crowds are fewer, too.

China visa requirements

Filipinos are required to have a Visa to go to China. Below is the list of the China Visa requirements you need to accomplish:

  • original passport with at least six months validity and one blank page

  • photocopy of passport information

  • accomplished Visa application form

  • recent photo in white background

  • any financial document like an employment certificate, bank certificate, business papers, or ITR

  • airline ticket information

  • hotel reservation

  • travel itinerary

  • if applicable, invitation letters from China

Get the right travel insurance for China trips instantly. Compare travel insurance that you need with GoBear Philippines and see which one is the best for you with the most practical premiums. 

Things to do in China

Once you’re in China, you might be thinking along the lines of drinking tea, see the Great Wall of China, get up close to pandas, experience some Kung Fu, or visit the bustling capital of Beijing, China.

Visit the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Olympic Village, or go to several impressive shopping malls in Beijing. Admire the colonial architectures of Shanghai or the ancient Jade Buddha Temple. Meet the Terracotta Army at Xi’an or visit the Great Mosque. Looking for nature landscapes? Visit Guilin with its natural limestone formation. These are just a fraction of all the China tourist spots.

For shoppers, Hong Kong is the shopping paradise. Want a piece of heaven? Go and visit Hangzhou. Looking for pandas? Go to Chengdu! If you want some adventure, go and trek the most famous Yellow Mountain and brave the trek to its summit. To be on the safe side, remember to get the travel insurance for China with a sports cover if you wish to go skiing or mountaineering or rock climbing.

China tourist spots

China is a wondrous place of beautiful landscapes, both natural and man-made. For a mix of ancient and modern culture, as well as great China tourist spots, visit its capital city, Beijing. Shanghai rivals Paris and New York with its business and economic zones. Xi’an will bring you to ancient China with its historical sites and treasured relics. Guilin has the best of China’s natural landscapes. Hong Kong is the place to be if you wish to enjoy the metropolis with a fusion of multiple cultures.

Among various China tourist spots, Hangzhou’s beauty is heaven on earth while Chengdu will realize your dreams of seeing pandas. Huangshan or Yellow Mountain will make you admire its majestic beauty. Lhasa, which is the capital of Tibet, is a traveller’s dream place filled with temples, souvenir shops, and friendly locals. Just remember to bring in enough yen, which is the official currency of China. Beware of your surroundings and make sure that you’re secure with a travel insurance for China trips. Since China is generally safe, the most problem you might get into is a medical emergency or suffer an accident while you’re on tour. You don’t want to suddenly shell out money that you don’t have for an emergency. An insurance will easily take care of that for you.