Travel Insurance for Bacolod


A trip to Bacolod, dubbed as the City of Smiles, can leave you with a huge grin on your face, especially if you get travel insurance for Bacolod getaways. It starts from the heritage of the Masskara Festival, the age-old landmarks in the city, and the taste of the original blend of chicken inasal.

Any party, including the MassKara festival, is definitely more fun when you’re with your barkada. It’s even better when you guys are protected with a travel insurance like the “Travel Protector Plus Domestic 500,000 Plan” of Liberty Insurance, available for ₱490 for a barkada of five people on a four-day trip.

Travel insurance Bacolod: Coverage you need

To give you some peace of mind, it is recommended to avail of travel insurance for Bacolod trips. With a policy at hand before you board the plane, you have peace of mind in the event of trip cancellations, baggage loss, medical emergencies and even personal injury. Some coverage included in the “Travel Protector Plus Domestic 500,000 plan” of Liberty Insurance are:

1. Personal Accident & Medical Expenses: Liberty Insurance Travel Protector Plus Domestic 500,000 plan covers for medical expenses incurred during the trip, but up to ₱250,000, inclusive of post-trip expenses, in addition to hospital allowance up to ₱3,500.

2. Travel Inconveniences: In case your flight home from Bacolod gets delayed, you don’t need to worry about spending extra for hotel accommodations. The trip insurance plan can shoulder least ₱500 in food allowance per 6 hours of delay and ₱1,000 for hotel accommodations allowance per 12 hours of delay.

3. Emergency Assistance: Liberty Insurance’s travel insurance for Bacolod offers up to ₱15,000, in case you need immediate medical evacuation due to mishaps during a trek to that seventh waterfall.



After finding the right travel insurance with GoBear, pack some travel tips to help you get around the city and know more about its culture.



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Going to Bacolod


Located in the province of Negros Occidental, Bacolod is accessible via air, land and sea travel. From Manila, flight to Silay City takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. major cities in the Philippines that have inbound flights are Cebu and Cagayan de Oro. The Port of Bacolod also accommodates ferries and roll-on and roll-off (ro-ro) connections from Manila and Iloilo City. Land travel from Iloilo City via Dumangas route takes 3 hours.


Best time to travel


The MassKara Festival is a feast that started in the midst of crisis in the 1980s, when sugar cane production was at an all-time low. The City of Smiles decided to make the town more festive to cope with tragedies by wearing masks painted with happy faces. The MassKara Festival is held every third weekend of October of the year. Book your hotels in Bacolod months in advance to avoid inconvenience.


Getting around


Transportation around the must see places in Bacolod will not be problem because of jeepneys and buses passing through specific routes and their availability either on a 24 hour basis or having scheduled trips. Tricycles and pedicabs are ideal for shorter routes around private residential areas, while taxicabs are ideal for those who want air-conditioned transportation. Renting cars and vans are also a viable option to go around.


Must-see places in Bacolod


The best way to do sightseeing here is via a city tour. Silay City’s is one of the major tourist spot in Bacolod because of it being the “seat of the arts, culture and eco-tourism” in Western Visayas. Its heritage houses and the San Diego Pro-Cathedral’s dome church are notable landmarks.The Capitol Grounds and Lagoon, San Sebastian Cathedral, Bishop’s Palace, and Bacolod Public Plaza are just some places to catch local recreation activities in the city center.




What to pack

Aside from your travel insurance for Bacolod, make sure to pack sturdy footwear since you will be doing a city tour in the City of Smiles. Choose one that could also withstand hiking and trekking for the outdoors activity. Dress light and casual clothing and flip-flops for maximum comfort. But don’t forget sun protection by wearing hats, shades and sunscreen! Bring your cameras to capture its many landmarks.

Travel insurance for Bacolod trips will protect you from unwanted out-of-pocket expenses from travel delay, baggage loss or even personal injury. Compare travel insurance with Gobear Philippines to find cheap or comprehensive coverage.

Where to eat in Bacolod

A must-try in town is the Manokan Country’s chicken inasal, which is their version of a marinated chicken barbecue that has become the inspiration of many fast food joints. A popular desserts place is Calea, where you can buy cakes and other sweet pastries. Tasting El Ideal’s guapple pie is also a unique experience! Guapple is neither a guava nor an apple, but a year-round fruit harvested from Negros.

What to do in Bacolod

For an outdoors experience, head over to Mambukal Mountain Resort in Murcia town. At the 23 hectare space, you can do wall climb, swim, zipline at what they call the “slide for life”, row a boat in the lagoon and trek up the seven waterfalls. You can also do some sightseeting for bats, birds, butterflies and fireflies! Cap off your adventurous day by watching the sunset at the most popular tourist spot in Bacolod, the Ruins in Talisay City. The Ruins was an ancestral house built in memory of a young and rich sugar baron’s Portuguese wife.