Travel Insurance for Afghanistan


With a rich history dating back to thousands of years, Afghanistan is one place that you should visit if you’re looking for the ultimate adventure. The country is currently impressing travellers and tourists with a wealth of sights, smells and sounds, showing that the Afghanistan war is in a distant past. A travel insurance in Afghanistan would be handy if you want to explore this country.

The beauteous mountains of Afghanistan offer plenty of trails, trek, and drive routes. The country also has unique geological formations that you won’t find anywhere in the world. Given these, your travel agency might provide you with some locations for trekking and driving through. Starr Worldwide plan provides a comprehensive insurance coverage for your adventure trip in Afghanistan. With their insurance policy, you can avail assistance for emergencies, medical expenses, and personal accident.

Travel insurance for Afghanistan: Coverage you need

It is important that you get a travel insurance in Afghanistan. Get one that covers medical expenses, emergencies, and personal accidents. This will give you peace of mind when taking the trip. The Starr Worldwide travel insurance provides the following coverage:

1. Personal Accident and Medical Expenses. Accidents cannot be avoided when you’re travelling. With Starr Worldwide’s travel insurance for Afghanistan, you get as much as ₱2,500,000 for personal accident and medical expenses. The plan is also inclusive of medical expenses after your return trip with a hospital allowance of ₱1,000 per day for a maximum of ₱10,000. They also provide a Burn Benefit worth ₱120,000.

2. Travel Inconveniences. You are well covered by Starr Worldwide in case you experience inconveniences while touring Afghanistan. With this insurance policy, can claim ₱50,000 for loss of travel documents, ₱10,000 for loss of personal money, and a maximum of ₱20,000 in case of strikes and aircraft hijacking. You can get a maximum of ₱50,000 as well for loss of baggage and personal belongings.

3. Emergency Assistance. If you have an emergency during your trip in Afghanistan, Starr Worldwide has you covered. The plan comes with ₱2,500,000 worth of personal liability and ₱1,000,000 hospital admission guarantee. Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation is also included in the travel insurance plan. Compassionate visits worth ₱5,000 per day for a maximum of five days plus travel costs is also covered. You also get access to a 24-hour hotline for worldwide travel assistance and care for unattended minor worth ₱25,000.


After finding the right travel insurance with GoBear, pack some travel tips to help you get around the country and know more about its culture.


Dari, Pashto, Uzbek, Turkmen, Baluchi, Pashai, Nuristani


Shops in Afghanistan tourist spots, as well as stores catering to locals, are usually open from 8:00 AM to 12:00 NN and 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM from Saturday to Wednesday. Some shops are open on Thursday at 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM.

Best time to visit

The best times to visit Afghanistan are between the months of April and June, and between September and October. It’s the time when the weather conditions are at its best.

What to eat

Food in Afghanistan is highly influenced by Indian cuisine so most dishes are rice-based and full of spices. Common fruit selections include local melon, grapes, oranges, and pomegranates. A popular dish in Afghanistan culture, qabli pulao, is rice steamed with raisins, carrots, and a side dish of lamb meat. Another dish to try for the health-conscious is qorma. It’s a rich stew cooked with a variety of spices, fruits, vegetables, and lots of onion. For drinks, you can try the Indian-style tea, chai, or sampledugh—it’s yoghurt flavored with salt and rose water.



Afghanistan culture: Adapt like a local

Most Afghanis practice Islam so most of their cultures are influenced by it. Friday is considered a holy day among Muslims so most offices and shops are closed. Afghans are known for their hospitality. If you ever get invited for tea and snacks, expect to have your cup constantly filled. If you have enough already, just say “bas” (enough) and cover the cup with your hand. In Afghanistan culture, it’s common to bring a small gift when you are invited for tea.

Get the best travel insurance to Afghanistan for your planned trip. With GoBear Philippines, you can compare travel insurance before you apply and see which one has the best coverage you need for a reasonable premium.

Things to do in Afghanistan

Enjoy the best of Afghanistan tourists spots by visiting first its spirited capital, Kabul. The city has improved and thrived since the days of the Afghanistan war and it still retains some ancient walls of the Bala Hissar citadel. If you want more breathtaking citadels to see, head out to the “Red City,” which is Shahr-i-Zohak.

For mountain ranges, you can explore the remote region of Hindu Kush or take the lesser challenge of the Bibi Mahru Hill. Given the very adventurous trip, you should definitely get a travel insurance in Afghanistan and get the necessary coverage you’d need for protection.

Afghanistan tourist spots and attractions

Afghanistan is best known for its breathtaking mountains. However, the country is also known for other stunning sceneries like the Shomali plains, Bamiyan Buddhas ruins, and Band-e Amir; a chain of astonishing lakes. You might also like the Gardens of Babur, a remote and majestic citadel in the country. The Friday Mosque will show you a great deal of Afghanistan culture. Having a travel insurance in Afghanistan trips will allow you to explore these areas with peace of mind.