What is terrorism in travel insurance?

Terrorism travel insurance refers to the insurance coverage provided by the insurance company whenever you happen to travel under the threat of terrorism. Most of the time, travel insurance companies do not provide an upfront insurance when there is a threat of terrorism unless the terrorist acts happened while you are on your vacation or your vacation.

Most of the time, overseas travel insurance does not offer coverage for terrorism in their insurance policies especially if the threat of terrorism has been announced before the date of your travel or departure. In this case, it’s important that you read the fine print of your chosen travel insurance. This is because exclusions for coverage in terrorism travel insurance vary from company to company.

Given this threat, you should at least choose a worldwide travel insurance that covers for damaged belongings, cancelled or delayed trips, or possible medical costs, and other similar emergencies.


Which insurance companies offer this coverage?

Choosing a coverage for terrorism in travel insurance is not that easy given that not all insurance providers offer it. Still, it pays to be prepared for any terrorist attack. The worst thing that can happen is you find yourself in the midst of a medical emergency. You should also beware of food poisoning. Some terrorist attacks can also cause cancelled or delayed flights or damage your belonging in the process.

We chose three top insurers that covers for lost personal items, medical expenses, delayed flights, and even cases of hijacking. These are Standard Insurance, Malayan Insurance, and Pacific Cross.

Standard Insurance Worldwide Protect Peso 1.5M

For a premium of just ₱380 per trip worldwide, the Standard Insurance Worldwide Protect Peso plan for ₱1.5M provides you with a coverage of ₱1,500,000 for both personal accident and medical expenses while travelling. This travel insurance policy also covers each personal item lost to you by ₱2,500 for a maximum of ₱25,000. More than that, you can get a cover benefit of ₱65,000 for cancelled or terminated trips and a maximum ₱25,000 cover for baggage delay. As part of their coverage for terrorism travel insurance, Standard Insurance also provides a maximum cover benefit of ₱25,000 for 10 days upon aircraft hijacking and strikes.

Standard insurance also provides a unique feature of covering loss property not checked in for ₱10,000. They also provide coverage for trip diversion worth ₱15,000 and ₱1,500 cash assistance for baggage delay.


Malayan Insurance Global

Compared to the worldwide travel insurance offered by Standard Insurance, Malayan offers a higher cover benefit for medical expenses when you travel at ₱2,500,000. This is available for a ₱385 premium per single trip worldwide. However, they have a lower benefit of ₱1,000,000 for personal accident though they include expenses after your return trip. For strikes and hijacking, Malayan allots a maximum of ₱10,000 cover benefit for 10 days. For cancelled and terminated trips, a cover benefit of ₱50,000 is provided while delayed baggage is covered at ₱5,000 for every 12 hours. Malayan Global travel insurance provides a higher cover for lost personal items capped at ₱50,000 maximum for ₱5,000 each.

Pacific Cross Deluxe Peso

For a premium of ₱470 per trip, Pacific Cross provides coverage for terrorism in travel insurance starting with a benefit of ₱1,500,000 to cover both medical expenses and personal accident. Just like Malayan, they offer ₱5,000 for every lost item. However, the maximum lost item that can be claimed for insurance is capped at ₱25,000. Trip cancellation and termination are covered for ₱50,000 similar to Malayan. Baggage delays are covered for every 6 hours at ₱3,000. For strikes and hijacking, Pacific Cross offers ₱2,000 per day for a maximum of ₱20,000 in total.

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