What is sports coverage in travel insurance terms?

As insurances go, a lot of providers are risk-averse. Travel insurance companies (don’t want you to know that they) want to avoid increasing their chances of actually shelling out money to their policyholders, especially those whose activities have inherent risks. The travel insurance industry is a business after all, not a charity. Other insurance policies, however, include the risk of sports or leisure activities to their policies, allowing them to provide coverage on injuries that result from these hobbies. This added value to a policy is called sports coverage travel insurance.

Some policies have specific stipulations that extend medical and emergency coverage to instances that result from engaging in thrilling but risky activities, in this day and age that any travel agency should offer adventure options to get more clients. These clauses are typically subjective and wildly differ between insurers, but activities expected to be included in leisure sports travel insurance coverage can be fitness (regular sports, running, Zumba), winter (skiing, snowboarding), water (scuba, aquathlon, snorkelling) and extreme sports (competitive skateboarding, motocross, mountain climbing) activities. Just be aware that there might be a few activities that are too risky to be included in sports insurance in travel insurance, like jetskiing to the Spratlys Islands and planting the Philippine flag.


How does coverage differ between insurers?

Five travel insurance companies covered by GoBear -- Citibank, FPG Insurance, Malayan, Liberty Insurance, and Standard Insurance -- have included coverage for sports- and leisure-related activities to some of their plans. The companies do not provide specific monetary amounts for these clauses, but sports coverage in travel insurance plans include conditions such as increased premiums (50% or 100% increase in premiums paid, depending on whether a sports activity is done indoors or outdoors), deductibles (policyholder shoulders the first few thousand pesos of expenses) or other restrictions.

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