What is personal liability in travel insurance terms?

There are instances when a mishap that happens while you travel does not lead to an injury to you. Sometimes, you end up in an accident in which you unintentionally harm another person, causing you to assume personal liability. This becomes complicated abroad, where you may have next to no control regarding legal procedures, emergencies, and other circumstances. Hence, it’s a good thing that most you get personal liability in travel insurance.

Personal liability coverage shoulders certain expenses a policyholder might incur if he has caused another person’s accidental death, bodily injury or damage to property, because of situations beyond his control while he is traveling. Of course, there are various exceptions to personal liability travel insurance coverage. Harm to a person or property because of a policyholder’s violent acts (terrorism, riots, etc.), malicious actions, or irresponsibility (e.g. causing an accident while drunk) will render coverage as unusable.

Hence, don’t expect your travel insurance agency to shoulder the fines you incur when you are caught illegally chewing gum in Singapore or picking tulips in Netherlands.


How to claim travel insurance for this coverage?

Personal liability coverage is present in almost all travel insurance plan displayed on GoBear, which also shows insurance quotes on those plans. Only FPG Insurance’s Super Tipid plan and plans from Liberty Insurance have no such coverage. Among the 33 plans that do provide coverage, maximum compensation ranges from ₱470,000 (Pioneer Insurance’s Travel Light Schengen Plan) to ₱2.5 million (STARR’s Europe and Worldwide plans).

Need access to personal liability travel insurance coverage anywhere in the world? Compare travel insurance with GoBear Philippines and find out which plans provide this coverage.