What is personal accident in travel insurance terms?


Perhaps the most unfortunate event that a travel insurance policy can cover, personal accident in travel insurance occurs when a mishap during travel leads to a person’s death or loss of body parts. This event leads to a package of benefits for the policyholder (or his estate, when it tragically comes to that), the most significant of which is the accidental death, dismemberment or disability coverage, also known as accident insurance.


Death insurance is given when the policyholder unfortunately passes away after the accident. For dismemberment insurance, compensation will be given to a person who has to have a certain body part removed due to the mishap. Disability insurance assures payment to a person who had certain bodily functions impaired. Each instance leads to compensation for personal accident and mishaps worth part of or the entire maximum benefit allotted under a certain insurance policy. Of course, provision of coverage would depend on the fine print in each policy; unfortunately, there are accidents and mishaps that are not covered by accident insurance policies.


Some insurers allow policyholders to make an insurance claim regarding personal accident coverage for a policyholder’s family members, such as his spouse and children, albeit at usually different amounts. This insurance also includes compensation for burial expenses related to the personal accident.



How to claim travel insurance for this coverage?


Personal accident coverage, one of the main features of travel insurance plans, is present in each travel insurance policy that GoBear looked into. What becomes different between plans is the amount each policy is able to grant.


Lucky for you, GoBear has read through the fine print. After much snooping, GoBear found out that the lowest maximum amount available for personal accident travel insurance coverage (among covered companies) is ₱500,000  The most generous plan with regards to this coverage, on the other hand, covers up to ₱3 million.


GoBear also noticed that the usual accident insurance plan would cover between ₱1 million and ₱1.5 million in accidental death, dismemberment or disability coverage. In fact, that’s the case for 21 out of 37 peso-denominated plans GoBear looked into.


In terms of personal accident travel insurance for a policyholder’s spouse or children, some of the plans that GoBear looked into contain clauses that give such benefits. For these plans, coverage can reach up to ₱1 million for the policyholder’s spouse and a similar amount for the child. The compensation sometimes differs depending on whether spouse and child are included in the trip.


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