What is outpatient treatment in travel insurance?

Outpatient treatment in travel insurance refers to having assistance and cover benefit for medical testing, diagnosis, and specialist consultations whenever you need it while you travel abroad.

The coverage benefit called “outpatient treatment” is simply the stage of diagnosing a medical problem and providing a possible treatment for it. During an outpatient treatment, you can just go to an outpatient clinic where you can talk to a doctor who will refer you to a specialist. Say for example, you broke your arm following a somersault in one of the famous cliff diving sites in the Philippines. You can have an x-ray done at the outpatient clinic or have the doctor examine and run the necessary tests to identify the problem. Once the doctor makes a diagnosis, then they can refer you to a specialist who might have to do an inpatient treatment.

You should know that not all companies provide outpatient services in travel insurance. This kind of coverage is seldom included in insurance plans. What’s more common are the inpatient treatment where you might be required to stay overnight in the hospital for observation or undergo a surgery. But in case the outpatient treatment in travel insurance is covered, it would be for just a limited amount compared to inpatient cover.

Which insurance companies offer this coverage?

All insurance companies provide a medical coverage—where outpatient treatment belongs—to cover accidents and injuries. However, not all insurance companies have coverage for an outpatient treatment in travel insurance. It’s a bummer, though. Especially if what you need is an outpatient treatment for nothing serious. You will need to read the fine print clearly to know if the policy you bought includes outpatient treatment in its medical benefits.

The good thing about medical coverages from insurance companies is that you’ll be able to get as much as ₱250,000 to ₱2,500,000. This applies to all insurance plans from HSBC, Citibank (Malayan), BPI/MS Insurance, BDO Travelsafe, AIG Travel Guard, Malayan, Pioneer, Bluecross, Federal Insurance, ACE, Wideworld Insurance, Starr, and Standard Insurance. Unfortunately, all of these insurance companies do not have an available outpatient treatment in travel insurance except for the Super Tipid Plan of Wideworld Insurance.

Wideworld Insurance (Super Tipid Plan)

The Super Tipid plan of Wideworld Insurance provides ₱4,300 worth of outpatient treatment and an allowance of ₱375 a day for necessary doctor visits. They offer a coverage worth ₱5,625 for doctor visits, which is equivalent to a maximum of 15 days. You can avail this plan for a Wideworld Insurance premium of ₱150 only for one to four days of trip anywhere in Asia or for domestic trips.

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