What is missed connecting flight in travel insurance?

Missed connecting flight in travel insurance occurs when you don’t make it on time to a connecting flight to your destination because your first flight out of NAIA was delayed. (Cut to the crowd of local airlines’ passengers nodding simultaneously.) These delays can be caused by unfavourable natural conditions, an aircraft’s technical failure or other reasons.

Specifically, travel insurance companies define a missed travel connection as when an insured person fails to get on his onward connecting flight due to the late arrival of his incoming flight, and no alternative onward transportation is made available to him by the airline or the travel agency within a certain number of hours after the arrival time of the incoming flight.

You might be asking, “If I miss my flight what happens?” Travel insurers can reimburse a policyholder’s expenses related to the issue if the delay of the incoming flight is due to factors stipulated in the policy, such as severe weather conditions, natural catastrophes, technical failure of aircraft, or organized industrial action/strike or hijack. Looks like delays due to airport congestion and mismanagement of the airline and the travel agency are not covered. (Cut to the crowd of local airlines’ passengers nodding simultaneously, this time holding pitchforks.)

Just a piece of advice: look for the details of the missed travel connection coverage, like how much the travel insurance companies will compensate and how fast they will give the money, when shopping for travel insurance sites. (Insert subliminal message to use GoBear’s travel insurance comparison service.) You may end up needing this more than you think you do. Delays in your first flight out can be unexpected, and of course you don’t want to miss your appointments at your destination, especially when you’re in a business trip or on a travel agency-arranged, tightly-scheduled vacation.


How does this coverage differ between insurers

Four of the travel insurance companies that GoBear covers offer plans that include reimbursement for expenses related to missed travel connections. Policies from BPI/MS and STARR offer a one-time payment of up to ₱10,000 for these instances, while other insurers such as Pacific Cross and Standard Insurance give out missed connecting flight travel insurance compensation depending on the number of hours that it took for a connecting flight to be booked, on a per-six-hours basis, often subject to a maximum limit. The most generous of these plans is Standard Insurance’s Protect Dollar 50,000 plan, which gives out ₱9,400 per six hours of the incident.

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