Medical expenses for child travel insurance simply refers to the medical coverage given to children when traveling. Just like with typical travel insurance coverage for adults, this insurance provides minors with protection in case of accidents or any other travel inconvenience.

In simple terms, medical expenses travel insurance for children is the type of travel insurance for minors. Most of the time, insurance coverages for minors work the same as that of adults. However, not all insurance company provides travel cover protection for minors, much more medical expenses for children in travel insurance. Usually, an age limit is capped for minors and children. That is, some companies allow children as young as 0 months old to be insured, while others require a child to reach one year old before being eligible to get medical expenses for child travel insurance.

Which insurance companies offer this coverage?

While not all insurers provide medical expenses for a child in travel insurance, eight insurance providers namely AIG Travel Guard, Pacific Cross, Citibank Malayan, Pioneer Travel Light, Standard Insurance, Starr Asia, and Wideworld Insurance, provide such coverage.

AIG and Starr Asia cover minors as old as 18 years old while Citibank Malayan and Pioneer Insurance only covers minors until 17 years of age. Standard Insurance covers the oldest minors at 21 years old and Pacific Cross the youngest at 15 years old.

Standard Insurance (Asia Protect Peso 2.5M)

For an affordable premium of ₱400 per trip, medical expenses for a child in travel insurance is available to minors aged 0 to 18 years from Standard Insurance Asia Protect Peso 2.5M plan. This travel insurance for children covers as much as ₱1,500,000 cover benefit for personal accidents and ₱2,500,000 for medical expenses while traveling. A hospital allowance of ₱2,000 daily for 10 days is also provided.


Pacific Cross (Privilege Peso)

Pacific Cross Privilege Peso plan offers almost the same travel insurance for minors at ₱706 premium per trip. This is available to children aged six weeks to 15 years, which is three years younger than the legal age considered as minor. Just like with Standard Insurance, insured children can get a maximum of ₱1,500,000 and ₱2,500,000 for personal accident and medical expenses while traveling respectively. A lower hospital allowance worth ₱1,500 is also given for 10 days.

Starr Asia (Worldwide Plan)

At a premium of ₱1,120 per single trip, the Starr Asia Worldwide plan provides the most comprehensive medical expenses for child travel insurance. This is because aside from the personal accident and medical expenses benefit capped at ₱2,500,000, a cover benefit of ₱250,000 for after return medical expenses are also provided. A minor also gets a burn benefit worth ₱120,000 although they have the lowest hospital allowance provided at ₱1,000 daily for a maximum of ₱10,000.


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