What are medical expenses in travel insurance terms?

Here’s a better question, why would you need coverage for medical expenses in travel insurance? During trips abroad, most of the adverse events that happen concern medical emergencies. You can accidentally get injured on your arm during the trip, or get other sicknesses such as food poisoning, bee stings or snake bites, basically anything that a medical insurance covers. Any health concern that happened while travelling can result in heavy medical bills, especially in places where getting medical care is more expensive.  This is where medical expenses can kick you hard.


This is also where travel insurance companies can come in handy. Just about every travel insurance policy covers a person’s medical expenses, as long as the medical concern is not pre-existing before the travel, although most emergencies are covered depending on circumstance.


A worldwide travel insurance policy’s coverage of emergency medical expenses can include a combination of the following, depending on a policy’s terms and conditions: doctor’s visits, emergency room treatment, outpatient treatment, surgical fees, burn benefits, and follow-up care in the Philippines, as well as other things that a medical insurance might cover, like ambulance service, dental expenses, hospital admission guarantees, hospital cash allowances, delivery of medicines, and miscellaneous expenses. You may ask your travel agency about it. Or better yet, ask us here at GoBear.Take note that the more expensive plans and those approved by Schengen countries have more comprehensive coverage.



How does this coverage differ from insurers?

Just about every policy from all the travel insurance companies that GoBear looks into have medical expense coverage. The amount of coverage can range between as little as ₱250,000 and as high as ₱2.5 million (at least one plan from each of Citibank, BPI/MS, Liberty Insurance, Malayan, Pacific Cross, Standard Insurance, and STARR.) In addition, the medical expenses travel insurance coverage in plans from Liberty Insurance and STARR, as well as two plans from Citibank, shoulder costs of follow-up medical treatment in the Philippines, although STARR only shoulders up to 10% of the maximum limit on medical expense coverage. This medical insurance feature can be used by policyholders who were brought home after a medical situation and had to be hospitalized in the Philippines.

Need access to medical expenses travel insurance coverage for your trip? Compare travel insurance with GoBear Philippines and find out which plans provide this coverage.