What is medical evacuation in travel insurance terms?

A medical evacuation in travel insurance, sometimes called as emergency evacuation, happens when a policyholder is so badly injured that he has to be transported to a medical facility while travelling. This evacuation, which sometimes involves an air ambulance (a vehicle that sounds awesome but isn’t when your life hangs in the balance) can also happen when the injured person has to be transferred to his home country, particularly when your travel agency is of no help in getting you back.

In cases like these, when you may be in so bad a shape to even be able to arrange payments, a travel insurance policy with medical evacuation coverage can come in handy to help pay for expenses related to your emergency transit. Unlike most coverage specifics in a policy, wherein you have to file for reimbursement, most travel insurance companies step in to pay for the expenses themselves.

Of course, an emergency evacuation is not the ideal way that you can score a free ride home, but it’s a kind of medical insurance that’s there when you need it the most, when it’s a matter of life or death. You paid for the privilege anyway, and your insurer lost its bet against the possibility of you getting badly injured.


How does coverage differ between insurers?

GoBear read into the fine print of all the travel insurance policies. Fortunately, all of the policies he looked into, except the Super Tipid plan from FPG Insurance, include medical evacuation coverage. Some plans indicate “unlimited” coverage (probably subject to a plethora of conditions, but unlimited looks nice on paper anyway), while other travel insurance policies either indicate a coverage limit or state that the coverage is just included (BPI/MS plans, for example, can shoulder up to between ₱500,000 and ₱1 million). Most worldwide travel insurance plans state that the coverage is for the actual cost of the emergency evacuation.

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