What is loss of passport in travel insurance?

Loss of passport in travel insurance refers to a coverage benefit, and in some cases, assistance to replace a lost or stolen passport. Losing your passport while you’re travelling is a major disaster. But a loss of passport coverage benefit in a travel insurance helps you minimise such a problem.

Be aware that insurance companies will not provide you with assistance for loss of passport unless you report the loss to the authorities within 24 hours. It’s also important that you know how much benefit an insurance company would cover for loss of passport in travel insurance. Some companies cover expenses for the necessary transportation and communication to get your passport while others only cover the exact amount you need to get a temporary passport.


Which insurance companies offer this coverage?

Getting a coverage for loss of passport in travel insurance is something that you shouldn’t go without in your travel insurance. With this kind of coverage, you can avoid the hassle of paying costly dues to get yourself a temporary passport. Some insurance companies can also help you locate the Philippine consular embassy if you don’t know where it is in the country where you are visiting.

Aside from loss of passport, some travel insurance policies also cover for the loss of travel documents like visas, IDs, and travel tickets.

The loss of passport travel insurance benefit of Citibank (Malayan), Starr, Pioneer, FPG, and AIG provide better coverage. All these companies cover the incurred communication, transportation, and additional accommodation expenses incurred aside from the actual cost of the new passport you need.


Pioneer Insurance (Travel Light-Worldwide Plan)

Meanwhile, the Travel Light - Worldwide Plan of Pioneer Insurance offers a coverage that amounts to ₱78,255 for the loss of passport. This plan is worth ₱1,692 for a three-day trip to Hong Kong.

Apart from loss of passport in travel insurance, other coverage benefits in the Travel Light Plan include: up to 5 days for automatic extension, up to ₱2.35 million for personal accident,  about ₱58,000 in case you lose baggage or personal belongings, and about ₱117,000 in case your flight is cancelled or terminated.

Standard Insurance (Asia Protect Peso 500K)

If you want a cheaper alternative, the Asia Protect Peso 500K Plan of Standard Insurance is a recommended plan for only ₱288 for a three-day trip to Hong Kong. It includes loss of passport in travel insurance, which is under its “loss of travel documents” coverage. The whole plan is more comprehensive than Pioneer’s Travel Light because it has more coverage benefits, however, the amount you can claim for each benefit is lower.

For example, Standard’s Asia Protect Peso 500 offers up to 10 days of automatic extension in case you get injured or hospitalised and you need to extend your trip unexpectedly. The plan also offers up to ₱750,000 for personal accident, up to ₱15,000 in case you lose your bags or other belongings, and about ₱50,000, if you ever need to cancel or terminate your trip.

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