What is loss of baggage in travel insurance terms?

Loss of baggage in travel insurance coverage is for when you permanently part with your big stroller bag or the things inside it. However, its specific definition for the purposes of travel insurance coverage can vary depending on the insurer.

Generally, a policyholder can get lost baggage compensation for the disappearance of his baggage he must file a report to proper authorities (such as the police and officials at the hotel or airline) indicating that his baggage or something in it was lost.

The loss of baggage coverage comes with various exceptions for most travel insurance companies. For instance, the insurer does not usually cover items such as jewellery, gadgets, musical instruments, sports equipment, and artworks. This coverage also typically excludes identity documents, cash and credit cards, although some travel insurance providers cover the loss of those items under separate clauses in the policy. In addition, the policies get pretty specific on what circumstances the lost baggage will be covered.

So in case you get any ideas about “accidentally” losing your precious baggage on purpose, travel insurance companies pretty much reject coverage for losses caused by the owner’s negligence. And when your baggage does get lost due to theft or robbery, among other few conditions, the policymaker has to inform his airline or hotel and his travel agency, if any, regarding the loss, after filing with the police a report of the loss of the item.


How does coverage differ between insurers?

Loss of baggage travel insurance coverage is included in all the travel insurance policies that GoBear looked (and sniffed) into. This bear found out that among the 37 plans under coverage, maximum coverage* can range between ₱10,000 and ₱58,775, with about one-third of the plans on the generous end.

In addition, most travel insurance policies have per-item clauses under the terms of the coverage. The per-item clause indicates the maximum amount per item that the insurer will compensate. For example, if you lost a jacket worth ₱10,000 in your baggage and your loss of baggage travel insurance policy has a per-item limit of ₱5,000, you only get the latter amount. (Which might not be enough for the same jacket but could be more than enough for a carbon copy in Divisoria. Just kidding.) In terms of per-item limits, the maximum amount set on the plans can range between ₱2,500 and ₱7,000.

*The coverage on loss of baggage in travel insurance plans from HSBC come with a “deductible” condition, stating that the first ₱500 of the expense related to loss of baggage should be shouldered by the policyholder. 

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