What is hospital allowance in travel insurance?

A hospital allowance in travel insurance coverage is the amount of money that a travel insurance provider gives to an insured person for each day that person stays in a hospital due to an illness or injury incurred while travelling abroad.

It can also be described as an insurance benefit that compensates you for the income you lost because you were forced to stay in a hospital. Think of it as some sort of hospital insurance. You can compare it to a social security benefit you get from SSS or GSIS when you get hospitalized, but with (probably) fewer hassles than the typical government agency.

Any trip insurance can give a certain amount of daily allowance to the insured person up to a certain number of days, depending on the terms of the travel insurance policy, because you usually don’t stay in the hospital abroad forever (in the same way that you can’t ask your parents for allowance when you’re 30 years old). And even if you want to, the hospital insurance usually has a clause that requires the insured to return to his home country whenever he can to continue treatment.

Feel free to use that allowance for buying your medicine and paying your hospital bills. Also take comfort in the fact that when your government-mandated medicare benefits go awry, there’s always travel insurance.


Does hospital allowance travel insurance coverage differ between insurers?

Most worldwide travel insurance providers include the hospital allowance in their package of benefits for the insured. That includes 27 plans from seven out of 10 Philippine travel insurance companies that GoBear covers, although one of these companies offers hospital allowance for only one of its plans.

The hospital allowance in travel insurance plans that provide them can be given up to 10 days only. We note that FPG Insurance’s Super Tipid plan is unique, in that it gives out a weekly hospital allowance instead of a daily one, at ₱3,500 per week for up to two weeks, or 14 days. Again, you can’t stay in the hospital forever even if your international health insurance allows you to; c’mon your family misses you.

The daily hospital allowance in travel insurance plans that offer it ranges from a low of ₱500 (STARR Asia plan) to a high of ₱4,230 (Standard Insurance’s Protect Euro 35,000 plan). Sixteen of those plans give out ₱1,000 daily. The maximum allowance that can be possibly given may range from ₱7,000 (Super Tipid) to ₱42,300 (also the Protect Euro 35,000).

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