What is emergency evacuation in travel insurance?

An emergency evacuation travel insurance, also known as “medivac” or “med evac,” refers to the immediate evacuation or transfer of an insured person in case of an injury or sickness. An emergency evacuation is often done as an emergency response to prevent a more serious sickness or grave injury.

No one who travels for leisure wants to go into a medical emergency. But alas, emergencies happen whether you like it or not. Sometimes, you don’t just get transported due to a medical emergency. Sometimes, you also do it as part of disaster preparedness. Visiting some countries are a serious hazard to your health, with or without a medical emergency. This applies to countries where natural hazards like earthquakes, flooding, and avalanches often happen.

In case of emergencies, having an emergency evacuation coverage in your travel insurance is life-saving. Getting an ambulance service can become a hassle. More than that, it can prove expensive on your part. With an emergency evacuation travel insurance, you get an ambulance service for free. This helps you feel at ease when medical emergencies arise.


Which insurance companies offer this coverage?

Almost all insurance companies offer an emergency evacuation in their trip insurance policies. However, coverage for an emergency medical evacuation will always vary.

Pacific Cross (Executive Peso and Privilege Peso)

Pacific Cross, formerly known as Blue Cross, offers the Executive Peso and Privilege Peso, which makes your emergency evacuation as easy as possible. How? Not only do they arrange and pay for air or surface transportation, they also include all necessary ancillary services and communication for a more convenient medical evacuation.

If you are going to an Asian country like Hong Kong, buy the Executive Peso plan at ₱360 for a single traveller on a three-day trip. In addition to emergency evacuation in travel insurance plan, it also covers you for up to ₱500,000 medical expenses while traveling.

You may also want to try the Privilege Peso plan ₱706 per-trip premium, which offers a higher benefit at ₱2.5 million for medical expenses while travelling to Hong Kong for up to three days.

Starr Insurance (Starr Asia and Starr Worldwide)

For a more comprehensive emergency evacuation in travel insurance, Starr Insurance would be the right choice. All insurance offerings from the company provide medical evacuation in case of a grave injury or a serious illness.

For only ₱285 for a single person on a trip to Hong Kong of up to 3 days, the Starr Asia plan includes emergency evacuation in travel insurance as a benefit. In addition, you can claim for medical expenses while travelling that amounts to ₱500,000, and claims for personal accident of up to ₱1 million. Plus you get covered for the usual hassles of airlines like flight delay and baggage loss.

If you want a higher coverage, the Starr Worldwide plan is a good choice for only ₱1,120 for the same trip duration and destination. In addition to the benefit of emergency evacuation in travel insurance, it also includes up to ₱2.5 million for medical expenses while travelling, and the same amount for personal liability.

Their coverage includes the Starr Global Emergency Assistance that will see to the arrangement, supervision, and payment of your emergency evacuation to the nearest available hospital. They also cover a hospital admission guarantee if you ever require hospitalization.

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