What are emergency dental expenses in travel insurance terms?

To know why an emergency dental expenses in travel insurance is important, imagine this: In the middle of a trip, you figure into an accident, a mishap that resulted to having pain in your teeth or worse. Having a toothache is bad as it is; having it in a foreign country is worse, especially if it’s in a country where dental services are expensive even for those with dental insurance, one of the medically related coverages from travel insurance plans.

This dental-oriented clause you may have on your travel insurance plan can be used when that pain on your tooth happened during your trip because of a serious incident. For this coverage, an insurer will provide the policyholder with the dental assistance required abroad and meet the cost of necessary emergency dental treatment, usually for natural teeth.This kind of coverage can help you avoid incurring high travel expenses.

Specifically, emergency dental expenses travel insurance provide support for the immediate relief of pain, infection, and removal of the tooth affected resulting from an accident, up to a certain limit. Some insurers stipulate that the coverage is only eligible for tooth injuries that result from incidents that also caused by bodily injury necessitating immediate medical treatment.

Now, how to make claims for dental expenses coverage? Wait a minute, check first if the tooth injury affects crowned teeth, crowns, bridges, dentures, or others. Most insurers note that those dental implements are not considered as natural teeth.


How does coverage differ between insurers?

Among the travel insurance companies covered by GoBear, four have plans that include emergency dental coverage: FPG Insurance, Pacific Cross, Standard Insurance, and Liberty Insurance. The maximum coverage for the 14 plans that offer it, the maximum coverage for dental coverage ranges from ₱5,000 to ₱100,000.

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