What is domestic destination in travel insurance?

You don’t just get a travel insurance when you travel abroad. You also get it when you plan on going to a domestic destination or places within the Philippines. A domestic destination travel insurance simply refers to getting yourself an insurance coverage whenever you plan a staycation and enjoy the beauty of your homeland, the Philippines.

You don’t just get a domestic coverage for the sake of medical insurance. You also take it to cover the loss of your personal items and other similar belongings. Some insurance companies provide coverage for travel inconveniences, too. If you want your domestic vacation to be as smooth as possible, getting yourself the right domestic insurance coverage would be best for you.


Which insurance companies offer this coverage?

Finding the best travel insurance usually depends on the policies offered by the insurance provider. You can always ask for insurance quotes but this can be time consuming. It can be pretty expensive too especially if you will personally go to the insurance provider to get quotes. Using GoBear’s tool is a time-saver and more accurate option.

For just a premium of ₱270 and ₱275, you can get a comprehensive domestic destination travel insurance for your vacation in the Philippines that is good for three days. Read below to know more about each insurance policy and to help you decide which one is the best travel insurance for your needs.

Liberty Insurance (Travel Protector Plus Plan ₱1,500,000)

For a minimum premium of ₱270, Liberty Insurance will provide you with an automatic extension, a medical insurance and personal accident coverage worth ₱1,500,000, and cover for lost items for a maximum of ₱12,500. You also get coverage for cancelled trips, lost documents, and emergency assistance.

The Travel Protector Plus Plan ₱1,500,000 comes with added insurance perks. For one, it covers hazardous sports at 100 percent more premium compared to other insurance plans. It also has a dental emergency coverage at a maximum of ₱25,000 and an advance of money feature worth ₱50,000. Another unique feature of this domestic destination travel insurance plan is that it comes with an advance of bail bond worth ₱500,000.

Citibank (Local)

For a ₱275 premium, you get a ₱1,000,000 worth of personal accident and medical insurance coverage from Citibank Local. They also offer a higher benefit for loss items for a maximum of ₱50,000 and a personal liability coverage capped at ₱1,000,000. It also covers three types of sports cover: extreme, fitness, and water sports.

Other features of this insurance plan include funeral assistance, rental vehicle cover worth ₱500,000 with a five percent claim deductible. Repatriation and evacuation are also covered in case of medical emergencies.

Malayan (Local)

Similar to Citibank, Malayan Insurance offers a domestic destination travel insurance for a ₱275 premium. Malayan offers the same personal accident and medical insurance cover benefit worth ₱1,000,000. Travel delay benefit is capped at ₱1,000 every 12 hours.

Ambulance service, evacuation, and repatriation are included. It also offers funeral assistance and a sports cover for extreme sports as well as fitness and water sports. Malayan also provides a 24-hour emergency hotline for medical assistance.

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