What is dismemberment in travel insurance?

Dismemberment travel insurance provides a cover benefit in case of accidents with your limbs during activities when you travel. It is also an insurance coverage provided by most medical insurance companies. With this coverage, a lump sum is provided to the insured person in case he loses a limb or any other part of his body stated in the policy.

Almost all providers of personal accident insurance cover dismemberment, sometimes it is under the coverage called “personal accident.” However, the percentage of the cover benefit provided will depend on the insurance provider. Some providers offer a 100% cover benefit. This means that the insured will receive the same amount meant for personal accident coverage. On the other hand, some only offer a 70% or 50% cover.

For example, Fred and Randy who are friends went intovacation for three days. While on a public carrier, they were caught in the middle of a bomb explosion. Randy suffered from foot amputation while Fred was left completely deaf. From the different dismemberment travel insurance they took, Randy will receive a lump sum worth 100 percent of the personal accident cover while Fred will get 75 percent.


Which insurance companies offer this coverage?

Most insurers provide cover for dismemberment in travel insurance under the personal accident coverage. The idea is to find the best coverage for your needs in case you are in danger of dismemberment.


Starr Asia (Worldwide Plan)

The Starr Asia Worldwide plan provides a maximum cover benefit of 2,500,000 for personal accident and disablement. This is available at a premium of ₱1,120 per trip. Their policy provides a 100 percent cover for permanentdismemberment of one or more limbs, and permanent loss of eyesight (either one or both), speech and hearing. Partial dismemberment like loss of fingers, thumbs, and joints are covered for a minimum of 5 percent to a maximum of 70 percent for the right hand. The left hand is covered for a minimum of two percent and a maximum of 50 percent of the cover benefit.

AIG (Standard, Enhanced and Domestic Plans)

AIG also provides dismemberment travel insurance where the insured gets a 100 percent cover for total disablement, permanent paralysis of the limbs, total loss of one or both eyes, limbs, speech and hearing. Loss of hearing in both ears is provided a 75 percent coverage while one ear is given 15 percent. AIG offers a maximum coverage of ₱1,000,00 for personal accident insurance.

Pioneer Insurance (Travel Light-Worldwide Plan)

The Pioneer Travel Light worldwide travel insurance plan for ₱1692 premium also provides coverage for dismemberment in travel insurance. Their personal accident coverage has a maximum benefit of ₱2,350,000 which is available at 100 percent for total disablement of both hands or feet or loss of both eyesight. Total disablement of one hand and one foot or either and an eyesight is also covered at 100 percent. In case that the insured suffers from dismemberment of just one hand or foot or eyesight, then a 50 percent cover benefit will be provided.

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