What are delayed flights in travel insurance terms?


Delayed flights in travel insurance happen when your flight towards an international destination is late by more than a certain number of hours (usually 6 to 12 hours). An insurance policy that covers for that incident provides compensation to a policyholder when flight delays are caused by severe weather conditions, natural catastrophes or technical failure of aircraft, among other conditions. Unfortunately, a commonly cited excuse for our favourite airport, the “air traffic congestion” in NAIA, seems to be excluded in most, if not all, Delayed flights travel insurance coverage on policies.


Additional coverage may be provided after a longer number of hours (usually spanning 1 to 3 days) of continuous delay occurring from a place of departure that is not a policyholder’s place of origin, depending on the coverage.


Delayed flights travel insurance coverage is definitely useful for when you need extra money to check in at an airport lounge or nearby hotel while waiting for the delay to end. Because you can never be sure if the erring airline will compensate you when they get hit with delays. As your “bitter” friend would say, better protect yourself rather than hope for something that may never come at all.


How does coverage differ between insurers?


All 10 travel insurance companies that GoBear covers offer policies with delayed flights coverage. Plans differ wildly in terms of maximum coverage amount, as well as in the duration of the coverage. It is also important to note that each travel insurance policy comes with different clauses for flight delay coverage. Some travel insurance plans offer compensation every 6 or 12 hours, while others limit the compensation to as little as 2 days and as much as 10.


Among these worldwide travel insurance plans, 24 provide lump-sum compensation with a maximum amount of between ₱4,200 and ₱21,000, some of which are subject to conditions that the delay should be at least 6 or 12 hours. Plans from Pacific Cross and Standard Insurance with coverage on delayed flights have per-six-hour rates ranging from ₱1,000 to ₱4,700, all of which are subject to maximum caps worth between ₱4,000 and ₱36,000, depending on the plan. HSBC plans give ₱5,000 per 12 hours, subject to a ₱40,000 cap.


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