What is baggage delay in travel insurance terms?


Baggage delay in travel insurance happens when your baggage arrives late to your destination. It also happens when your baggage gets mistakenly redirected to a different location by your airline. This can cause a lot of inconveniences, not to mention that you spent an awful time complying with your airline’s baggage restrictions only for them to mismanage the transit of your belongings. You may also end up spending a lot on items that you should have had in your baggage in the first place due to baggage delay. A travel insurance plan that covers this kind of scenario will allow you to recoup the losses that this mishap caused. And if you end up with lost luggage because of your airline’s fault? You will get another form of compensation for that too.


Example, as our awesome GoBear team put it in one blog post: “If, upon setting foot in Maldives, you find that your pretty pink stroller chose to go to Malibu instead, make sure your policy covers your stroller's insolence.” And you should get delayed baggage compensation for that hassle.


How does coverage differ between insurers?


Travel insurance providers may not provide delayed baggage tracking, but they can cover for baggage delays. All 37 plans covered by GoBear provide baggage delay coverage, with some of them also covering for flight delay, something that happens quite as often as baggage delays. The most generous plan that has a cap on reimbursements offering up to ₱40,000. The stingiest of these plans can give up to ₱4,000.


Also take note that while most insurance policies grant baggage delay travel insurance coverage on a lump-sum basis, some of the payments on other policies are provided on a per 6- or 12-hour basis, sometimes with 24-hour limits, and others may have monetary or time limits imposed.


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