What is automatic extension in travel insurance?

An automatic extension in travel insurance refers to extending the insurance policy beyond its set date of expiry due to circumstances that is outside the control of the policyholder or the insured person. With this coverage, your policy is extended immediately without the headache of added premiums, fees or top ups, in the event that there are travel delays or medical emergencies.

However, take note that automatic travel insurance extensions depend on the terms issued by the insurance company. You should also be aware of each extension clause from every insurer. You need to know that some companies have to approve your automatic extension first before your policy can be extended. Some allows an authorized representative to extend your policy whenever needed. Some automatic extension can also last just three days or as much as seven to 10 days depending on the company. In case that you have to extend your trip, be sure that you also apply for a tourist visa extension when applicable so that you can stay legally in the country where you are visiting. 


Which insurance companies offer this coverage?

An automatic extension in travel insurance can be very beneficial with regards to travel inconveniences or accidents that might cause travel delays. Nobody wants to get their trip extended unnecessarily. But aside from accidents, adverse weather conditions, congested air traffic, airport security problems, and mechanical problems are the situations that are out of your control. You can also get out of luck if your plane has to arrive late.

Not all insurance companies provide an automatic extension, so it’s important that you know which ones offer such a benefit in case you have to extend your travel.

Among the insurance companies that you can compare with GoBear, only six companies provide automatic extension in their travel insurance policies. These are Citibank, BPI/MS Insurance Corporation, FPG Insurance, Pioneer Insurance, Starr Insurance, and Standard Insurance. Every company offers different terms with regards to their travel extension.

Pioneer Insurance (Travel Light - Worldwide Plan)

For instance, the Travel Light - Worldwide Plan of Pioneer Insurance can cover you in the event of illness or injury. The extension is free of charge and is only provided once for claiming. All expenses that will be covered must be incurred within 30 days upon the return trip.

However, you should be aware that follow-up treatments are limited to just 10 percent of the total benefit for medical treatments. Their automatic extension doesn’t also apply on travel delays. The per-trip premium of this plan costs ₱1,962 for up to three days trip. Pioneer Insurance offers a coverage of ₱2,350,000 for medical expenses and personal accident. They also provide a hospital allowance that amounts to ₱2,350 per day with a maximum amount of ₱23,500.

FPG Insurance (Classic and Premier Plan)

If you want a longer automatic extension for travel insurance, FPG Insurance provides a 10-day coverage due to accidents. This is available both in their Classic Plan and Premier Plan travel insurance with ₱350 and ₱1,700 per-trip premium respectively.

With Classic Plan, you get a coverage ₱1,000,000 coverage for personal accident and ₱470,000 for medical expenses while traveling. Meanwhile, their Premier Plan offers you a coverage of ₱2,000,000 for personal accident and ₱2,350,000 for medical expenses while traveling. Expenses incurred must be within a 30-day period upon your return to the Philippines.

What’s even better with the FPG automatic extension is that it provides a hospital admission coverage when necessary, 12 hours upon your arrival in the Philippines. They also have a higher limit of extended medical benefit of 20 percent to cover your follow-up treatments in case of an injury.

Need access to automatic extension travel insurance anywhere in the world? Compare travel insurance with GoBear Philippines and find out which plans provide this coverage on this page.