Travel Insurance Coverage

Travel insurance provides protection from out-of-pocket expenses while travelling

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is an investment to your financial health and safety while travelling worldwide. It is your best bet in minimizing risks related to travelling, including flight delays and cancellations, missed connecting flights, lost passport and even injury due to sports adventures in your itinerary. For a small amount starting at ₱190, you can have travel insurance coverage with the benefits for domestic, Asian and worldwide trips.

What is travel insurance coverage?

A travel insurance coverage is the benefit of the insurance plan, which may vary depending on where you are going and for how long you are staying there. Aside from the premium (amount you pay for the whole insurance plan), you need to look at the coverage and compare between insurers. Somehow, there are plans from two different insurers which may have the same premium but differ greatly in coverage. For example, two insurers offer the classic plan at the same price, but one plan offers up to ₱1 million in personal injury while the other offers up to ₱2 million. 

Try comparing plans using and find out how far your money will go in looking for comprehensive travel insurance coverage plans.