Apply for a PAL Travel Insurance


Established in 1941, PAL was founded by a group of businessmen led by Andres Soriano. PAL is the first and oldest commercial airline operating under its original name. Formerly one of the largest Asian airlines before they hit a financial slump from the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, PAL continued to uphold their vision to establish itself as one of Asia’s premier carrier. The company now provides several services including Group Booking, Charter services, Corporate Sales, General Sales Agent, Cargo, and PAL travel insurance.


PAL Travel Insurance Product


PAL offers a travel insurance exclusively aimed at Philippine Airlines passengers departing from the Philippines to provide low premiums with reliable protection. The travel insurance is underwritten by PNB General Insurer Co., Inc.


PAL Travel Insurance Benefits


The PAL travel insurance plan gives you protection such as coverage for medical expenses due to accident or sickness during your trip, 24-hour emergency medical and travel assistance, protection for non-refundable travel expenses if your trip is canceled, payment for delayed flights and lost or damaged baggage, and travel accident protection. This policy is ideal for frequent travelers.


Am I Eligible for PAL Travel Insurance?


Passengers who are Filipino, foreigner and business travelers are eligible for a PAL travel insurance travelling within or from the Philippines who are at least two weeks old but not more than seventy-five years old on the effective date of coverage. Infants below the age of two years are automatically covered for free.


How Can I Purchase PAL Travel Insurance?


You either may visit the official website of PAL directly, or you may purchase PAL Travel insurance at PAL’s website when you are making your flight booking.


When does PAL Travel Insurance take effect?


All PAL travel insurance benefits, except Trip Cancellation, begin two hours before the insured’s scheduled flight departure time and the others are two hours after the scheduled flight arrival time. The expiry of the policy period is stated in the Confirmation of Cover. Unexpected things happen when you least expect them. Even when you’re travelling, things may not go well as expected and mishaps may arise such as lost luggage, delayed flights, sickness or unexpected accidents. With PAL travel insurance, you are secured and travel with a peace of mind knowing that you are protected. Getting a PAL travel insurance for your next escapade? Compare travel insurance with GoBear Philippines to know the right product for your needs.