Apply for a Pacific Cross travel insurance

Pacific Cross Insurance, previously known as Blue Cross Insurance, one of the premier provider of medical and travel insurance within the Philippines. As a specialist insurer, Pacific Cross provides products and services for clients who want only the best in health care and protection when travelling, by creating custom plans for single, family and group travellers. Pacific Cross travel insurance formerly issued as Blue Cross travel insurance has peso-, dollar- and euro-denominated plans. The company also has peso and dollar medical plans, with each plan targeting specific client needs, budgets and limitations.

Pacific Cross is Schengen accredited. Put simply, the company’s plans comply with the travel insurance standards of the European Union’s Schengen area.



Pacific Cross travel insurance products

You can travel at ease with Pacific Cross Travel Insurance plans such as travelsafetripguard, travelsafe annual, and shortsecure. The company’s travel safe insurance plans are designed to cover unexpected and give you a peace of mind so you can rest-assured that you’re going to be protected while you travel. You are assured with the benefit of 24/7 worldwide emergency assistance, medical coverage, coverage for baggage loss, loss of travel documents, flight delay, peso, dollar and euro plans. Schengen countries-approved visa, and individual, family, and group coverage.


Pacific Cross travel insurance benefits


Travel with ease with the Pacific Cross travel insurance plans. A Travelsafe Tripguard can cover your business or pleasure travel with benefits and premiums on a per trip basis. This plan is covered up to 180 days per trip. The Travelsafe Annual is for frequent travelers with premiums. There are medical and personal accident benefits on an annual basis. The period covered is unlimited number of trips per year as long as the trip does not exceed 60 days. The ShortSecure is an affordable group travel insurance for your squads. This covers short trips with medical treatment coverage of up to 20,000.



Am I Eligible for a Pacific Cross Travel Insurance?


If you want to know more on how the requirements and eligibility is, you can contact or inquire through their official Pacific Cross Insurance website or contact them. 

How can I get a Pacific Cross Travel Insurance? 

You can apply for a Pacific Cross travel insurance by downloading the form and submitting it to the nearest Pacific Cross branch around you.

There are a lot of worrisome things that comes with traveling. To ensure a worry-free travel, especially to Europe, get a Pacific Cross travel insurance today!

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