About MAA General Assurance travel insurance


MAA General Assurance Philippines has its origins rooted in Malaysia and then started their operation in the Philippines on September 1, 2001. They now have a number of branches in the main cities of the Philippines offering services such as the MAA General Assurance travel insurance, aviation insurance, and engineering insurance.

MAA General Assurance travel insurance plans

MAA General Assurance travel insurance offers various coverage benefits under their Asia and Worldwide plans. Coverage of unfortunate events such as accidental death, permanent disablement or dismemberment, and aircraft hijacking are offered. Although we don’t want any of this to happen, but if ever they do, MAA General Assurance can help you out with the expenses.

If your trip has you ending up in the hospital, MAA General Assurance travel insurance will offer coverage for your medical expenses with daily in-hospital income. MAA General Assurance is also willing to lend a hand by offering burial assistance when needed.

On the lighter side of travel insurance, travel inconveniences that may happen after your flight are also covered. Loss of personal baggage is covered at a certain amount and losing your money or wallet is also covered up to a specific amount.

During your vacation or business trip, you’ll be able to access the MAA General Assurance 24-hour global emergency medical assistance cover. This offers a number of different features such as assured emergency medical evacuation and medically supervised repatriation. A compassionate visit is also offered along in the package which lets a person go and take care of you with the insurance provider offering coverage for the expenses.

If needed, MAA General Assurance travel insurance will also give care for any minor children left unattended due to health reasons. You can learn about the other emergency services and specifics by visiting one of their branches in the Philippines.




MAA General Assurance travel insurance: Asia

For their Asia plan, medical expenses over US$60 or approximately ₱2,800 is covered up to ₱100,000 with coverage for pre-existing conditions up to ₱33,500 for the first treatment. Emergency dental care in excess of US$50 or approximately ₱2,300 is also covered up to ₱22,500. A daily in-hospital allowance of ₱2,500 will be given up to 15 days. If follow-up home care is needed, a benefit of ₱22,500 will also be provided.
Under the 24-hour emergency assistance services of MAA General Assurance travel insurance, exact expenses made for the care of minor children, medically supervised repatriation, emergency evacuation services, and repatriation of mortal remains are all covered, no matter the amount. A compassionate visit for one person is offered with coverage for the round-trip fare and an allowance of ₱3,500 per day for up to 10 days.
Travel inconvenience benefits such as location and forwarding of your baggage and relaying of urgent messages are both covered by the exact expenses it has made. Delayed flights lasting over 4 hours will grant you ₱2,000 while trip cancellation will be covered up to ₱50,000. Baggage delays over 6 hours will be covered by ₱2,000 and baggage loss of over 48 hours will have coverage of up to ₱15,000.

MAA General Assurance travel insurance: Worldwide

For their worldwide plan, the medical, hospitalisation, and emergency assistance services are the same as their Asia plan. The only difference would be the regular medical expenses in excess of $60 which will be covered up to ₱2,500,000 instead of ₱100,000 in the previous plan.
A delayed flight or missed connection flight of over 4 hours and baggage delay of over 6 hours will grant you ₱5,000 for each circumstance. Baggage loss of over 48 hours has coverage of up to ₱25,000. You may also get an advance of money of up to ₱50,000 if needed.
Personal accidents such as accidental death and permanent disablement are each covered up to ₱1,500,000. If you’re with your family, MAA General Assurance travel insurance will also give coverage of ₱1,500,000 for parents or your spouse, but they must not be over 60 years old. Children of up to 17 years old are covered up to ₱500,000 for a maximum of 2 children.




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