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Liberty Insurance Corp. is a non-life insurance company established in 1953. The company provides its clients with protection against losses to property and personal well-being through specialized services such as Liberty travel insurance plans and other similar property-oriented financial products.

The company has coverage on the following areas: fire and lightning, marine cargo, motor car, surety, bonds, engineering, and personal accident, including individual, family, student, and travel insurance plans.

Liberty Insurance is a member of the Jose Cojuangco and Sons Group of Companies.



Liberty travel insurance products

Liberty has different kinds travel and insurance policies, each corresponding to a client’s travel destination. The company provides travel insurance products under the brand Travel Protector Plus. The product is available in the following variants: Domestic 500,000, Plan 500,000, Plan 1,500,000, Plan 2,500,000 and the Schengen.

The Domestic 500,000 plan, a Liberty travel offering that can be bought for as low as ₱98, covers for travel within the Philippines, while the Plan 500,000 is catered for travellers to most countries in Asia, except Japan and the Middle East. The Plan 1,500,000 can be used for travels in 58 countries across all the continents except Europe and Antarctica, while the Plan 2,500,000 has worldwide coverage. A special plan, called the Schengen, is specially made for travelling to European countries, particularly in areas within the Schengen Area of the European Union.

Travel insurance benefits

Liberty Insurance’s plans are typically more affordable than their counterparts on other travel insurance companies, albeit with varied coverages and restrictions. Mapfre Assistencia of Spain is the insurance company’s designated assistance provider for travel insurance plan holders.

One unique travel and insurance benefit of some Liberty Insurance products is a unique feature that advances ₱500,000 worth of bail bond to a policyholder who might need it overseas after a legal mishap.



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