Apply for a Cebu Pacific Travel Insurance

Cebu Pacific Air is one of the largest air transportation industry in the Philippines where they entered in 1996. Pioneering the “low fare, great value” strategy, Cebu Pacific offers low-cost services to 38 Philippine and 30 international destination extending across Asia, Australia, Middle East and the USA. Cebu Pacific has included products in their market as well such as a Cebu Pacific travel insurance.

Cebu Pacific Travel Insurance Products – Travelsure

Cebu Pacific provides a travel insurance plan which offers a comprehensive personal accident and emergency medical insurance for misfortunes such as lost passport, lost luggage, accidents abroad, and other emergencies. The travel insurance is insured by the Personal travel insurer Travelsure.

Cebu Pacific Travel Insurance Benefits

The CEB Travelsure offers basic protection you will need in case an unexpected event occurs. The travel insurance offers two coverage for its passengers, the personal accident, and emergency medical treatment. The Personal Accident protects you from accidents while traveling abroad. The Cebu Pacific travel insurance offers indemnity for accidental death, dismemberment, or disablement as well as accident burial benefits while the Emergency Medical Treatment protects you in case an accident or sickness occurs during travel where medical treatment is involved. Since medical treatment can cause a lot, and travelers may not have access to or resources to pay for such treatment immediately. A travelsure will come in handy to provide coverage for the medical treatment you might need. This coverage also extends to follow-up care, as to the daily incidental expenses involved in hospital confinements.

Am I Eligible for Cebu Pacific Travel Insurance?

Anyone traveling locally or abroad are eligible to purchase a Cebu Pacific Travel Insurance. There are general requirements before you are eligible to get a travel insurance. It is required for all travel claims to have an E-ticket, Passport (if traveling abroad) and/or I.D. If traveling locally. There are also other specific documents required to be which may need to be presented depending on the accident that occurs such as loss of travel documents, loss of baggage, baggage delay, flight delay, emergency trip termination, emergency medical treatment and more. For more information, you can check out in in the ceb travelsure about the specific travel claims.

How Can I Purchase Cebu Pacific Travel Insurance?

You may purchase Travelsure coverage online through any Megalink ATM card, or pay the premium over-the-counter at any RCBC branch nationwide. The travelsure may be booked 4 hours before the flight through managing Bookings tab on the website, reservation hotlines, or sales offices.

When does Cebu Pacific Travel Insurance take effect?

The Cebu Pacific travelsure policy is effective while the passenger which is insured is in travel status during the policy period in the schedule indicated. The cover starts two hours before the insured passenger’s scheduled departure time indicated in the travel ticket issued to the insured passenger. There are things that can happen when you least expect them. Even when you’re traveling, you can never be prepared for anything as misfortunes may arise during the travel period such as lost luggage, delayed flights, sickness or unexpected accidents. With Cebu Pacific travel insurance, you are covered as you travel and enjoy sightseeing knowing you are protected in case something happens Getting a Cebu Pacific travel insurance for your next adventure? Compare travel insurance today with GoBear to know the right product for your needs.