Apply for a BDO Travel Insurance

As a universal bank, BDO provides a complete range of products and services in the Philippines. The wide spectrum of services provided by BDO includes loans, credit card, remittances, corporate cash management, deposit-taking, foreign exchange and many others. Through its subsidiaries, offer includes the BDO travel insurance plan.

BDO Travel Insurance Product

You can travel at ease with BDO’s travel insurance plans, if you own a BDO credit card with insurance scheme, you can travel without worry knowing that the benefit of the medical and financial issue will be taken care of. BDO’s Mastercard and Money Card provides a travel insurance covers which will depend on the type of card provided by BDO.

BDO Travel Insurance Benefits

The BDO travel insurance provides plans for medical assistance, travel related issues and baggage inconvenience. The insurance cover types vary from card to card and depend on the kind of BDO credit card you choose for.

The insurance offers a myriad coverage so people can travel free from anxiety. This travel includes financial aid in case of medical evacuation, repatriation, accidental death and disablement for Medical Assistance. For travel related issues, BDO will assist you in case you miss your connecting flights, flight delay or sudden trip cancellation where you can claim a reimbursement up to a fixed amount depending on the type of insurance plan you got from BDO. For baggage inconvenience, people can rest assured in case their baggage are lost, damaged or delayed. BDO will provide a certain amount of reimbursement in case you spent cash on essential things due to delay or misplacement of your baggage.

Am I Eligible for a BDO Travel Insurance?

If you want to know more on how the requirements and eligibility is, you can contact or inquire through their official BDO website or contact them.

How can I get a BDO Travel Insurance?

You can get a travel insurance by filling up a form provided in the official website of BDO.

Traveling is a rewarding experience and a breath of fresh air from your day-to-day repetitive life. Be it a business or pleasure travel. If you have the money for luxurious travel, then you have the money and afford your safety during travel. Get a BDO travel insurance now and travel at ease today!

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