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The definition of area of cover could differ with each insurer. For full details, please check with your insurer or broker before purchase.
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What is Travel Insurance?

With over 7,000 islands in our country to visit, travelling with ease of mind is essential. A travel insurance allows you to roam the country and the world knowing that you are covered for travel hassles like losing baggage, travel delays, and trip cancellations. Read more to find out the greater benefits as well as misconceptions about this type of security for your solo and family adventures. You can compare travel insurance plans with GoBear and see how affordable it is to get you covered for up to ₱3,000,000.

Should I get travel insurance?

Travel insurance readies you for unexpected situations that may happen during your trip. It covers for clothing and necessities allowance if your luggage takes a detour to Macau when you are originally headed for South Korea. It takes care of the damages made during your Airbnb stay, or the loss of your travel documents like passports. It caters to children below 1 year old and some insurance companies accommodate people over the age of 65.

What are the benefits of travel insurance

Still not decided whether a travel insurance is in line? Check out these benefits that cater to specific kinds of travelers:

  • •  For businessmen who travel around frequently, an annual plan can be applied for which will cover each trip you take during the year.

  • •  Adrenaline junkies planning on doing risky activities such as bungee jumping, rafting, and visiting the wildlife.

  • •  People travelling with expensive goods and important documents can have their items covered by in their insurance policy.

  • •  Students studying abroad can also avail of student travel insurance with coverage benefits that are good for a whole year abroad.

  • •  OFWs can fly with peace of mind with travel insurance plans that answer to risks such as missed connecting flights.

  • What are the different types of travel insurance?

    There are different types of travel insurance to cover the needs of certain people, here are a few of the common options available:

    •  Annual trips travel insurance

    This is an option which covers your trips for the next 12 months. The same type of coverage will be applied for each of your trips. The usual maximum number of days the insurance will be effective for is 90 days for each trip.

    •  Single trip travel insurance

    This is the most common plan which covers only 1 trip for around 180 days of travelling.

    •  Group or family travel insurance

    This insurance coverage is for two or more people. Each person will get the same coverage and this is usually cheaper than getting insurance individually.

    •  Worldwide travel insurance

    Since there are insurance options strictly for domestic use, coverage for travelling abroad is also available. The prices usually don’t have a drastic difference between the two, except if you have special needs like higher medical coverage or your destination involves greater risk like war-stricken areas. See insurance recommendations and travel guides per travel destination?

    What are the coverage benefits of travel insurance?

    Travel insurance is offered by lots of companies and the options could be daunting for some. Just like with clothes, you will find something that will fit you.

    Before applying for travel insurance, you should know what the company is actually willing to cover for you. Some offer great benefits for emergency medical expenses with high limits, while others offer better coverage for accidents from extreme sports. Here are a few common benefits most travel insurance provides:

    •  Emergency medical and hospital expense coverage

    There are a lot of travel insurance benefits related to medical needs while on your trip, and the coverage could range from P25,000 to up to P3 million. Related coverage benefits include medical expenses, hospital allowance, and outpatient treatment.

    •  Worldwide assistance

    You’ll be able to access their company hotline whenever needed. You may request for emergency evacuation or even trip accommodations.

    •  Travel inconvenience benefits

    Problems such as luggage loss, delayed flights, and trip cancellation are also covered.

    See a full list of travel insurance coverage benefits.

    Travel Insurance Terms You Need to Know

    •  Premium

    This is the cost of your insurance plan. It could be paid in full or through instalments during the duration of the insurance policy.

    •  Coverage

    If you are a traveler, coverage means the benefits against the adversities of traveling that the insurance company is willing to cover you for. An insurance company might cover expenses occurred due to travel delays but won't cover the bag you lost. It pays to check a plans benefits before buying it.

    •  Deductible

    This is the amount the policyholder must pay before the travel insurance company starts making payments. For example, your travel insurance includes coverage for flight delay with a P500 deductible. That means, you'd have to pay for P500 upfront before the insurance kicks in.

    Let GoBear help you find the best travel insurance policy

    There’s a large number of travel insurance policies offering different benefits to choose. Do you want to see which travel insurance is the best for your needs? Check out our list of local and worldwide destinations with recommended travel insurance plans and neat travel guides per country:

  • •  Take me to Japan

  • •  I want to visit South Korea

  • •  Sweden is my choice

  • •  More travel destinations

  • Compare travel insurance with GoBear and check the specifics and advantages of all plans offered in the Philippines from major insurance companies, including:

    •  Standard Insurance

    •  Pacific Cross

    •  Malayan

    •  See more travel insurance companies

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    • 1.Do you compare all insurance companies in the Philippines?
      We work with most insurance companies. We do not play favourites with anyone.
    • 2.How can I make sure that I don’t only get the cheapest quote but also the best quote for my needs?
      GoBear searches in a smart way which enables you to make better choices. You'll enjoy greater transparency when you filter by quotes, ratings or peer reviews. This feature ensures that you can find the best insurance deals to meet your needs.
    • 3.How will I know if my insurance still meets my needs?
      It is always a good time to reassess your current insurance plans. GoBear will help you to find the latest prices and best insurance deals available.
    • 4.Why do I need to buy travel insurance?
      A travel insurance may cover the high costs that can be incurred from any unforeseen circumstances such as luggage loss, cancellation of your trip, serious illness, accidents, etc. It provides you with peace of mind and pocket.
    • 5.What are the different plans of travel insurance?
      The most commonly used categories are:

      Single trip: A short term policy that covers a specific trip, usually always commencing from and returning to the Philippines.

      a. Individual Plan: It covers the policy holder or an individual person.

      b. Family Plan: A policy insurance covering the policyholder and his immediate family i.e. his legitimate children and his legal spouse.

      Annual Cover: A policy issued for a 1 year period covering trips commencing from and returning to the Philippines. This insurance will cover the insured person only. You can also choose between an individual plan and a family plan under an annual coverage.

      a. Individual Plan: It covers the policy holder or an individual person.

      b. Family Plan: A policy insurance covering the policyholder and his immediate family i.e. his legitimate children and his legal spouse.

    • 6. What do I have to take into consideration before choosing a specific travel insurance plan?
      For specific advise you should always liaise with an insurance company or broker (which we are not) but in general it's recommended to check certain needs and expectations you have before taking a decision such as:

      1. Do you travel alone or with your family? How frequently do you travel?

      2. Which country are you travelling to? Do they have access to good hospitals, medical facilities? Will you be travelling to more remote areas where there could be malaria, natural disasters, etc.?

      3. Are you travelling for pleasure or business?

      4. What sort of activities will you be undertaking? Skiing? Diving? Trekking?

      5. What is your budget?

      6. What are your expectations? Do you only require personal accident and medical expenses benefits, or do you also need coverage for repatriation, delayed departure, trip cancellation, loss of baggage or travel documents, etc.

    If you find these answers helpful? Check out our FAQs for other products to learn more.