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23 December 2019
We've rounded up everything you need to know about travel insurance policies offered by your airline!

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Coverage Score in travel insurance?

Coverage score shows how a particular plan compares with other plans regarding the benefits and their amount of coverage. It rates how extensive the benefits are vis-a-vis their coverage amounts.

Q: Why do I need to buy travel insurance?

A travel insurance plan may cover the high costs that can be incurred from unforeseen circumstances such as luggage loss, cancellation of your trip, serious illness, or accidents. It provides you with peace of mind and the opportunity to enjoy your trip without worry.

Q: What is loss of money in travel insurance terms?

This protects you by providing reimbursement, up to a certain amount, in case of monetary loss during your trip. Covered cases include loss of money or credit cards as a direct result of theft, robbery, or burglary in the course of a trip. Coverage requires that you report the incident within 24 hours of occurrence.

Q: What is loss of travel documents in travel insurance?

Your travel insurance provider reimburses the expenses incurred for processing the replacement of lost documents necessary for your travel. This insurance coverage includes loss of passport or travel agency papers, the Visa required for entry to countries that request for it, a separate Schengen Visa for entry to certain European countries, or even other stuff like airplane tickets and documents required by the immigration authorities of the country you’re traveling to. Loss of travel documents without travel insurance to back you up can prohibit you from taking the trip, and will cost a lot more because you need to get replacement documents just in time for your trip.

Q: What is sports coverage in travel insurance terms?

This provides coverage from injuries that result from sports and other extreme activities.

Q: What is personal accident in travel insurance terms?

Personal accident in travel insurance occurs when a mishap during travel leads to a person’s death or loss of body parts. This benefit entitles the insured (or his or her estate, when it tragically comes to that) to a package of benefits, the most significant of which is the accidental death, dismemberment, or disability coverage, also known as accident insurance.

Q: What is dismemberment in travel insurance?

Dismemberment in travel insurance covers you in case of accidents involving your limbs during your trip. It is also an insurance coverage provided by most medical insurance companies. A lump sum is provided to the insured person in case he loses a limb or any other part of his body stated in the policy. Almost all providers of personal accident insurance cover dismemberment; sometimes it is under the coverage called “personal accident.” However, the percentage of the benefit provided will depend on the insurance provider. Some providers offer 100% coverage, which means that the insured will receive the same amount meant for personal accident coverage. On the other hand, some only offer 70% or 50% coverage.

Q: What is automatic extension in travel insurance?

An automatic extension in travel insurance refers to extending the insurance policy beyond its set date of expiry due to circumstances outside the control of the policyholder or the insured person. With this coverage, your policy is extended immediately without the headache of added premiums, fees, or top-ups, in the event that there are travel delays or medical emergencies.