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Outpatient treatment in travel insurance refers to having assistance and cover benefit for medical testing, diagnosis, and specialist consultations whenever you need it while you travel abroad. The coverage benefit called “outpatient treatment” is simply the stage of diagnosing a medical problem and providing a possible treatment for it. During an outpatient treatment, you can just go to an outpatient clinic where you can talk to a doctor who will refer you to a specialist. Say for example, you broke your arm following a somersault in one of the famous cliff diving sites in the Philippines. You can have an x-ray done at the outpatient clinic or have the doctor examine and run the necessary tests to identify the problem. Once the doctor makes a diagnosis, then they can refer you to a specialist who might have to do an inpatient treatment.
Baggage delay in travel insurance happens when your baggage arrives late to your destination. It also happens when your baggage gets mistakenly redirected to a different location by your airline. This can cause a lot of inconveniences, not to mention that you spent an awful time complying with your airline’s baggage restrictions only for them to mismanage the transit of your belongings. You may also end up spending a lot on items that you should have had in your baggage in the first place due to baggage delay. A travel insurance plan that covers this kind of scenario will allow you to recoup the losses that this mishap caused. And if you end up with lost luggage because of your airline’s fault? You will get another form of compensation for that too.

Your travel insurance provider reimburses the expenses incurred for processing the replacement of lost documents necessary for your travel. This insurance coverage includes loss of passport or travel agency papers, the Visa required for entry to countries that request for it, a separate Schengen Visa for entry to certain European countries, or even other stuff like airplane tickets and documents required by the immigration authorities of the country you’re traveling to. Loss of travel documents without travel insurance to back you up can prohibit you from taking the trip, and will cost a lot more because you need to get replacement documents just in time for your trip.

To know why an emergency dental expenses in travel insurance is important, imagine this: In the middle of a trip, you figure into an accident, a mishap that resulted to having pain in your teeth or worse. Having a toothache is bad as it is; having it in a foreign country is worse, especially if it’s in a country where dental services are expensive even for those with dental insurance, one of the medically related coverages from travel insurance plans.
A trip cancellation in travel insurance coverage occurs when a person opts out of a planned travel before the scheduled departure date. Simply put, a person cancels a trip when he decides not to push through before the day he was supposed to go.
There are instances when a mishap that happens while you travel does not lead to an injury to you. Sometimes, you end up in an accident in which you unintentionally harm another person, causing you to assume personal liability. This becomes complicated abroad, where you may have next to no control regarding legal procedures, emergencies, and other circumstances. Hence, it’s a good thing that most you get personal liability in travel insurance.
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Here’s a better question, why would you need coverage for medical expenses in travel insurance? During trips abroad, most of the adverse events that happen concern medical emergencies. You can accidentally get injured on your arm during the trip, or get other sicknesses such as food poisoning, bee stings or snake bites, basically anything that a medical insurance covers. Any health concern that happened while travelling can result in heavy medical bills, especially in places where getting medical care is more expensive. This is where medical expenses can kick you hard.

Personal accident in travel insurance occurs when a mishap during travel leads to a person’s death or loss of body parts. This benefit entitles the insured (or his or her estate, when it tragically comes to that) to a package of benefits, the most significant of which is the accidental death, dismemberment, or disability coverage, also known as accident insurance.

A medical evacuation in travel insurance, sometimes called as emergency evacuation, happens when a policyholder is so badly injured that he has to be transported to a medical facility while travelling. This evacuation, which sometimes involves an air ambulance (a vehicle that sounds awesome but isn’t when your life hangs in the balance) can also happen when the injured person has to be transferred to his home country, particularly when your travel agency is of no help in getting you back.