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The application for an HSBC credit card is free. You can enjoy the No Annual Fee For Life promo when you apply and get approved before December 31, 2019. For other fees, you can check out the HSBC guide.

Call HSBC hotline at (02) 85-800 or +63 (2) 976-800

Upon completion of the application form with Gobear, an HSBC representative will contact you within 5-10 days. 

You will need to submit a copy of the following:

  1. Proof of Identity with your complete name or any government-issued ID bearing your photo and date of birth
  2. Proof of residence or billing address

You can apply for any HSBC credit card here

No. Here’s what you need to apply for an HSBC credit card:

  • An existing locally-issued primary credit card owned for at least 12 months
  • A minimum annual income of PHP200,000

Any HSBC credit card lets you enjoy the intensified benefit, but if you want something that suits your lifestyle, choose from any of the following:

  1. HSBC Platinum Visa – This credit card is for the wanderlust. You can earn one air mile for every Php25 spend and 3x bonus points for every every ₱20 you spend when dining or shopping. What’s more, you can earn 4x bonus points for every ₱20 spend on online shopping and overseas purchases. Book with HSBC Platinum Visa credit card and protect your trip with free travel accident insurance and inconveniences coverage. 
  2. HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back – Would you like to earn from your purchases? If yes, choose the HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back. It gives you 5% cashback on dining transactions, 3% rebate on fuel purchases from Caltex and 0% interest on instalments. 
  3. HSBC Red Mastercard – Whether you shop in-store or online, dine or make overseas transactions, HSBC Red Mastercard gives you 4x bonus points. You’ll accumulate bonuses faster than your current credit card which you can use to redeem air miles, gift certificates and other rewards. 

HSBC gives you an edge with more perks and privileges. With HSBC credit cards, you’ll enjoy intensified rewards no matter which card you choose. So why limit your potential with credit cards that don’t give much? Use your HSBC credit card and earn more points for as low as ₱20 spend or earn higher cashback of 5% for dining spend.

The main purpose of a credit card is an instant access to money for cardholders who can pay in full or in installments. But there are also different benefits provided for clients that is exclusive for credit card holders, such as:

  • Waived membership fees on cards for the first year of use. Through this, banks are encouraging cardholders to use their cards without thinking much about fees.
  • Bonuses such as free airmiles and rebates depending on how much a cardholder has spent.
  • Rewards points that can be exchanged for free items and perks.
  • Balance transfer capability, which you can use when you want to transfer your credit card debts from one card to another with a lower interest rate.
  • Zero-interest charges on some purchases. You usually see this offer in appliance, furniture, and gadget stores.
  • Cash advances, which give you the ability to borrow cash up to a certain amount and with certain fees.
  • Virtual credit card, which are cards similar to a credit card but with a different 16-digit number allowing you to shop safely at different online shops.
  • Free travel insurance for certain cards, especially the upscale offerings.

Our goal is simple: to show you the most transparent and unbiased comparison that suits your needs, not anyone else’s. Here's how:

  1. Search by reward types
    Card rewards are what you are looking for and GoBear gets it! Start your search by selecting your preferred reward type: cashback or air miles.
  2. Calculate annual rewards based on your spending needs
    To help you find your best credit card, simply input your monthly spending amount with an option to break them down into categories like: dining, entertainment, fuel, groceries, online shopping, shopping, etc. For details of shopping categories, refer to 'what is the definition' of each spending category and 'what is included in your rewards calculation?'.

    With your input plus our unique GoBear Rewards Converter, we will calculate your estimated annual earnings on cashback and air miles based on your monthly spending over a period of one year. We convert the different credit card reward points based on average cash values or actual air miles you can redeem. Please refer to 'Which airline miles do you use in your total air miles calculation?' for more details on air miles.
  3. Compare reward earnings vs other benefits, features and fees
    To give an all-rounded comparison, we also showcase a directory of other features, including benefits and fees of each credit card.