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Founded in 1851, Bank of the Philippine Islands is the first bank in the Philippines and in the Southeast Asian region. BPI, which has a network of over 800 branches in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Europe, offers a wide range of financial products and solutions that serve both retail and corporate clients, including the BPI credit card lineup. The bank’s services include consumer banking and lending, asset management, insurance, securities brokerage and distribution, foreign exchange, leasing, and corporate and investment banking.

Know more about the BPI credit card

BPI offers 10 kinds of credit cards, eight of which are affiliated with MasterCard and two with Visa. The BPI credit card lineup provides rewards points and privileges, depending on the type of card chosen. A BPI online portal is also available to assist customers with their credit card-related concerns, including credit card bills if those cards are enrolled through BPI online banking.


BPI credit card shopping, grocery and dining treats

BPI and Ayala Malls offer Amore VISA credit cards, which also act as privilege cards. The Amore VISA, following a successful BPI credit card application, offers rebates on every ₱1000 spent at BPI-affiliated shops at Ayala Malls using the card: 4% on restaurants, 3% on purchases of accessories, clothing, leather goods and shoes, and 1% on various other establishments. Rebates are limited to Php 15,000 a year. The Amore Visa Platinum also offers rebates, but with the yearly cap set at ₱25,000. Both cards also slash 5% off the price of a movie ticket at Ayala Cinemas.
Meanwhile, the BPI Edge MasterCard offers discounts and rewards at various shops, restaurants and clubs.


BPI car fuel rebates

The Petron-BPI MasterCard delivers a 3% fuel rebate at BPI-accredited Petron gas stations. Also offers 10% discounts on Petron lubricants and oils. Newly approved principal cardholders also get a free ₱200 fuel voucher.


BPI airmiles and travel insurance benefits

BPI, in partnership with Delta Air Lines, has two mileage credit cards catered to aspiring and frequent global travelers — the BPI SkyMiles MasterCard and BPI SkyMiles Platinum MasterCard. Through the BPI credit card promo related to the cards, cardholders automatically earn miles as they spend anywhere using their card. Every ₱45 spent earns one SkyMiles mile.
Holders of the SkyMiles Platinum MasterCard credit card also earn double the points for every ₱45 spent on Delta Air Lines tickets. In addition, the cards come with travel insurance: ₱10 million for the SkyMiles MasterCard and ₱20 million for the SkyMiles Platinum MasterCard.
Holders of the BPI Blue MasterCard and the BPI Gold MasterCard can get travel insurance worth ₱2 million and ₱10 million, respectively, when they use their cards to buy travel tickets.


BPI credit card requirements include proof of stable income, government-issued identification, and other pertinent documents.

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Last update on Aug 01, 2019