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Bank of Commerce has been in operation since 1963. The bank, which currently has 125 branches, offers banking products and services, including the Bank of Commerce credit card array, deposit and cash management products, corporate banking, consumer banking, credit card services, e-banking solutions, trade and remittances, treasury and trust services. The San Miguel Group invested in the bank in 2008.

Know more about the Bank of Commerce credit card

There are three cards in Bank of Commerce’s lineup: Classic, Gold and Platinum, all of which are MasterCards, all available after a customer completes the application process, which can be done on Bank of Commerce online site and branches. Card holders earn one rewards point for every ₱25 spent using their cards. The Bank of Commerce online banking platform, called bCommerce, can be used to set up current or savings accounts for payments related to the credit cards.


Bank of Commerce credit card shopping and grocery treats

Card holders can earn as much as 5x rewards points when using the card at select shopping establishments


Bank of Commerce dining, entertainment and events perks

The quintuple-points deal is also applicable at certain dining establishments.


Bank of Commerce air miles and travel insurance benefits

Bank of Commerce Platinum and Gold card holders are covered for up to ₱5 million and ₱2 million, respectively, in travel accident and inconvenience benefits every time they charge international travel expenses (airline tickets and other means of public transport) to their cards.


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Last update on Aug 01, 2019