GoBear spotted in When In Manila

Sep 28, 2016
GoBear spotted in When In Manila
GoBear: Making Financial Products Within Reach for Pinoys


GoBear has only been in the Philippines for 6 short months, but they have already built a strong foundation in the Philippines with 200,000 active monthly users and a 70% increase of new users month over month, who compare personal loans, credit cards, and travel insurance online. This really isn’t surprising, though, seeing as they cater to the need of Filipinos to find relevant information online – even working with all major banks in the Philippines to bring their businesses from offline to online.

Led by Country Director Rommel Torres, GoBear Philippines is different from other startups. “We run our business to change the financial landscape in personal banking and insurance. GoBear is different because it does not run on commission, making it impossible to influence the results on the website. In using, company A and company B may offer insurance at the same price, but if you look further into the details, one offers much less benefits than the other. You get the best value for money this way when you compare before you commit,” he says.

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