Gadget Pilipinas: GoBear: a platform that empowers consumers

Jul 21, 2016
Gadget Pilipinas: GoBear: a platform that empowers consumers
This bear is not your typical kind of bear.


gadget-pilipinas.pngStarted just last year, GoBear is a platform that allows users to search and rate insurance and financial products. What makes it different from other sites that offer price aggregation and rating is its user-oriented platform. According to Andre Hesselink, its CEO and Founder, GoBear “neither aggregates nor sells products”. It enables users, like us, to freely compare and select products based on what they actually need. It simplifies the already complicated parlance and benefits presentation of insurance and financial products.

The Process

Searching for products is easy at GoBear. Users should simply need to fill a couple of details to jumpstart their search, and they’ll be presented with various solutions that may be sorted by price, coverage score or rating.

Front Page

Comparison sites usually show price and rating, but it’s different with GoBear especially on searching for Travel Insurance. The platform also shows coverage score, which basically reflects the overall quality of the product.

Coverage Scoresheet

This gives the users the ability to quickly see the various benefits the products offer. If the users wish to know the exact benefits the products offers, he may choose to compare products and see which company offers the best deal.


Apart from travel insurance, GoBear also shows loans and credit card products from its institutional partners.

The Site

GoBear Philippines’ website is still in beta, and will be fully launched in September 2016. User experience is good, so far, but we must admit that some functionalities and buttons must be reworked. Its “COMPARE” button, for instance, is a little difficult to spot; and the color of the fonts – especially the neon green one – is somewhat hard to read.

The site is highly optimized for mobile. Kudos to the developers for considering this, and I’m pretty sure that GoBear is getting a lot of traffic from mobile devices.

The site loaded 8.4s because it loaded too many modules and site requests. During our test, the size of its front page loaded 1.92mb of files, which include images of its partners and blog thumbnails. The site users almost a megabyte of JavaScript during the initial page load, which delays the full rendering of the page.

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Kristine Esperacion

Content & Communications Manager