Purpose of Personal Loan: Where can I use it?

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Personal Loans for Auto Repair

Is your car in need of fixing due to the effects of wear and tear or do you need some extra cash to send the car to the repair shop due to natural calamities? This purpose of personal loan can help you get off the mud and back to the road.

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Personal Loans to Start Your Business

Looking to open up an online shop or a small restaurant? Compare qoutes from different banks in the Philippines if you want to apply for this specific purpose of loan. Use the the free GoBear loan calculator to check out instant quotes and savings.

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Personal Loans to a Debt-Free Life

Debt consolidation allows you to roll all your debts from different banks into one, with a smaller and more manageable interest rate. Find out which banks offer this use of personal loan with GoBear's unbiased reviews.

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Personal Loans for Home Improvement

Do you want to upgrade your home to make new room for the kids or does it need a renovation after a storm? Whatever the reason, this purpose of personal loan is available in most banks at low interest rates.

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Personal Loans to Pay for Medical Bills

Are you in need of cash to pay for hospital bills or medical expenses? You can ease the burden off your bank account by getting this purpose of personal loan, especially in cases of emergencies. Get to know the benefits and disadvantages here.

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Personal Loans for College Education

Loans can be used for just about anything, from tuition to books and school supplies to dormitory fees. Some schools even give big discounts if you pay in full. Get a detailed guide on this purpose of loan to know if you qualify.

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