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When people are in dire need of money, they often opt for a cash loan. A personal loan can be a helpful tool when you are in need of a huge amount of cash, but getting a personal loan in the Philippines is not a walk in the park. Lenders can be very strict when it comes to their applicants, and with good reason; they are loaning hundreds of thousands of pesos, anyway. As such, it’s important that you're prepared to show what they need to see and know in your application if you hope to get approved.


Here are 5 simple yet effective tips you can follow to ensure that your personal loan will be processed without worry.

Know what you need

Before applying for a personal loan, check out the loans being offered by the different banks. You must be familiar with the type of loan you are looking for, the terms you can reasonably afford, and how long it will take before you can pay the loan in full. Find the best deals by comparing personal loans with GoBear.

Establish a good credit history

One of the reasons why people apply for credit cards is to build a good credit history. Having a good credit history entitles you to get a personal loan as this can be solid proof of your responsibility regarding repayment. Any failure to pay loans such as credit debts, bounced checks, and credit card delinquencies, among others, are red flags that could ruin your loan application.

Maintain a savings account

Having a savings account will show that you likely have the capacity to manage your loan repayments. Regular deposits to your savings account is a sign of frugality and practicality when it comes to financial matters.

Supply only accurate information

Once you have filled out your personal loan application form, banks will verify all the information you have provided. During the application process, banks will call you, the company you work for, and any other people they deem necessary to confirm your personal data and other information you provided.

If they can’t reach you or do not contact you, there might be a delay on your application or the bank may decline your application outright.

Know your limitations

You should be aware of your credit history and current score. Consider your financial limitations and aim for realistic loan amounts when planning to get a personal loan. Apply for a loan based on your financial capability to make repayments within a certain period.

When applying for a personal loan ensure that you have the required documents prepared beforehand. You may either make it or break it, but if you keep these 5 helpful tips in mind, the money you need might just be within reach.


Taking out a cash loan can bury you in debt or be the thing that rescues you from a dire financial situation. Make sure it's the latter by comparing personal loans with GoBear today!


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