Cash advance facts


There are people where they use their credit card for everything; this way they can maximize their rewards and earn more points and exclusive perks. But sometimes, there are situations where you can’t use a credit card, such as having a broken car fixed or an emergency medical bill where they only accept cash.


What if you don’t have enough money in your bank account to cover the expense? One option to get fast cash is taking a cash advance on your credit card. Taking out a cash advance is easy and you don’t have to take the money from your bank account. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

It may be convenient, but is getting a cash advance a smart financial move? Read on below to see if a cash advance is a smart move for you.

What’s a cash advance? 

A cash advance is a short-term loan that you can get cash from your credit card up to a limited amount. It’s pretty much like using a credit card since it’s also as a short-term loan. The only difference is that you are taking the loan in the form of cash. This can be done by going to an ATM or a bank, where you will use your credit card (and not your debit card) to get the cash.

You should know that you can’t take the whole amount of your credit limit in the form of cash advance. Despite your credit limit, the cash advance is capped up to a. certain amount. That way, you can’t rely on cash advance every time.

Advantages of getting cash advance

Getting a cash advance is a great alternative loan option that can help you when you’re in a dire situation. Getting a cash advance from your ATM offers a lot of convenience than going to apply for a loan.


A cash advance can be your go-to whenever a real emergency arises. The great thing about a short-term loan using a credit card is that it has a credit limit that is within your financial capabilities. So you can easily pay for your loans whenever you need to. The idea is that short-term loans can help you easily get back on your feet because you need to be paid back no longer than within a few months time.

Disadvantages of getting cash advance

Before you hop in your car and go to the nearest ATM close to you, cash advantages should only be used in extreme emergency cases. It is something that’s not a family emergency you might as well consider borrowing cash from your family and friends even though it’s going to seem embarrassing.

Since taking a cash advance can be done so quick and easily, you might end up relying on cash advance and it may become difficult to manage your finances and make some changes, so before you fall into that trap, consider all other options available first. Taking a cash advance can be a huge risk. The simple fact that you need a cash advance is a good enough reason that you’re not able to manage your spending well.

Cash advances are a great solution to help you manage your spending. But taking a cash advance poses some risk so you have to be ultimately responsible when trying to take a cash advance from your ATM.


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