Being a working professional means you must be smarter on managing your finances. However, there are times when it’s difficult to handle, especially when you're currently paying for a personal loan.

While a personal loan can help you attain your goal, like financing your dream wedding or remodeling your home, it can also leave you in a shaky financial situation. There's no need to feel overwhelmed; your friends at GoBear has your back with some tips that will help you better manage your personal loans.

Sort out the basics

How much have you taken out, and how soon can you pay your personal loan? Make sure to check the interest rate, fees, and charges so you know what you’re in for. You can use an online personal loan calculator to find out how best to manage your repayments.  

Track your expenses

Whenever you borrow money, you should keep an eye on your expenses. This includes looking at non-essential spending and decide on what you can go without. You might find that there are some expenses that you can easily cut down. For example, you can take public transport instead of booking a Grab or Uber, which can be costly during the rush hour.

Draw up a budget and stick to it

You can write up a budget where you can look closely at all your expenses. List every single item you can think of–from monthly expenses to basic necessities. This will give you a clear picture of how much you spend.

Make sure to pay it off

The most important thing when you have a personal loan is being able to pay it off, which requires a reasonable amount of discipline because it entails making repayment for your personal loan your top priority before spending your money on other things. For instance, you can have a direct debit card to pay off a portion of your personal loan each month. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that the first thing you pay off every payday is your loan.

Keep your expenses low

While you might be thinking of traveling or other luxuries, you might want to keep it simple and save your money—at least until you've settled your personal loan. Make an effort to trim your budget and save your money by creating an emergency fund. Embracing a frugal mindset can help you better manage your expenses.

Be honest to your personal loan provider

In case you encounter problems paying your personal loan, lying about your financial situation or hiding from your personal loan provider is never a good idea. This will only put you in a difficult situation. If you can’t pay your personal loan, you can be honest with your personal loan provider and discuss a new payment plan.

A personal loan can be a good way to pull yourself out of a financial hole in the short term, and it’s also a good option when you need quick cash to pay for unexpected expenses, especially when cash flow is an issue. However, going in over your head can put you in a risky financial situation. Knowing how to manage your finances will help you avoid this, and the best place to start is with your personal loan.


Getting a personal loan doesn't necessarily put you in a bad situation; in fact, it could help you with your finances if you know how to manage it. Make sure you're making a wise choice by comparing personal loans with GoBear today!