MCC MoneyShops Finance Company Inc. 


MCC MoneyShops Finance Company Inc. is a loan company for people who need quick and easy access to cash. The company offers a wide range of consumer loans from non-collateral personal loan to multi-purpose personal loans. Know more about their products, including use, eligibility and requirements.


Where can I use my loan?

You may use the MCC MoneyShops Finance Company Inc. personal loan for purposes depending on your needs

Loan amounts range is P20,000 up to P1 million with monthly tenors starting at 6 months up to 36 months, depending on the loan product and income.

Processing time for the loan depends on the loan you’re going to apply for. Their products offered ranges from 3-5 days to be released.


Know more about the MCC MoneyShops Finance Co. Inc. 

MCC MoneyShops Finance Co. Inc. offers personal loan products that are non-collateral personal and multi-purpose loans. Where it doesn’t require a property or assets from the borrower to secure a loan. This gives consumers easy access to funds.

There are three different products offered by MCC MoneyShops Finance Co. Inc. personal loan: The personal loan, the corporate salary loan and the ATM salary loan.

Here are some of the type of loans you need to know:

Personal Loan

This type of loan is multi-purpose designed for employees and business owners. With no collaterals needed, you can get your loan as fast as 3 days.

Corporate Salary Loan

A Corporate Salary Loan is aimed to employees through an accreditation of their company. This type of loan also doesn't have any collateral needed. Usually, the loan is released within 5 days.

ATM Salary Loan

A multi-purpose loan for employees. This type of loan can be availed with your ATM cards. The loan is usually released in 3 days. 

Am I eligible to apply for an MCC MoneyShops Finance Co. Inc.?

You must also either have a verified landline or postpaid number. Your monthly income may depend on the type of personal loan you are applying for.

If you’re self-employed, you must be at least 25 to 59 years old upon loan maturity. Your co-maker is limited to spouse and first-degree relatives. Your business must be operating for the last three (3) years with profitable operations and minimum net average monthly deposits of at least P100,000.  

MCC MoneyShops Finance Co. Inc. personal loan requirements

You must completely fill out the MCC MoneyShops Finance Co. Inc. loan application form available from any of their branches or you can find the downloadable forms they have on their website. For Identification, you must present three (3) government IDs and one (1) company ID.

If you’re employed, you must present your latest payslip for the past two months, COE (indicating your position, tenure, and gross income), latest ITR (signed by employer’s authorized signatory), Latest Proof of Billing (with present address) and Sketch of Residence.

If you’re self-employed, you must present at least two (2) valid IDs (PRC and Government Issued ID) a photocopy of your passbook or statement of account for the latest 6 months. Your Latest DTI if sole proprietorship or SEC if partnership or corporation with General Information Sheet, Latest Business Permit, Latest 2 years ITR w/FS, Latest 2 months Credit Card SOA and photocopy of Credit Card, Latest Proof of Billing (Residence), Authorization letter to verify to bank Sketch of Residence/Business.

If you’re going to apply for an ATM loan, you will need your Official Company ID, 2 Government Issued IDs, Latest payslip for the past two months, Latest ITR, Bank statements for the last 3 months, Utility Bills and Personal reference. 

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