Citibank Personal Loan

The roots of Citibank N.A in the Philippines date back to 1902. As they grew, Citibank made the Citicorp Financial Services and Insurance Brokerage Philippines Inc., which opened products and services such as the Citibank personal loan, Citigold wealth management banking, and Citi credit card. Now, it is one of the largest foreign commercial banks in the country. 



Where can I use the loan?

A Citibank loan can be used for paying during health-related emergencies and enrolling your children in school.

Benefits of a Citibank loan

Since most banks now offer a cash loan service, Citibank has found ways to differentiate itself from the competition. One of these is Citibank’s flexible monthly payment terms which start at just 6 months to a maximum of 5 years. You can loan any amount between ₱20,000 up to ₱2 million. Citibank also offers an approval time of just 24 hours, but if more verification is needed, the approval time will be extended. If you want to know how much you’d be paying per month for your loan, a Citibank loan calculator is available for use in their website.

Another asset about the bank’s personal loan is that there is no need for a collateral or a guarantor on an application. You simply have to pass the requirements and be eligible under their conditions to apply for a loan. 

Am I eligible for Citibank personal loan?

To apply for a Citibank personal loan, you have to be at least 21 years old but not older than 65 years old on the maturity date of the loan. You must also either be a Filipino resident or a foreigner with local residency in the Philippines, and with a Philippine billing address.

You must have an annual income of ₱250,000 or approximately ₱20,850 monthly salary to apply for a Citibank personal loan. Lastly, you must have your own credit card which you’ve had for either at least 6 months if it’s a Citibank credit card or 1 year if it’s from another bank. If you do have a Citibank credit card, you have the benefit of having lower interest for loans less than ₱200,000.

Citi personal loan requirements

If you are deemed qualified to apply for a Citibank personal loan, you can then start gathering the required documents. You will need to acquire a Citibank loan application form either from any of their branches nationwide or you can simply download their application form.

Along with the signed form, you will need 1 valid government-issued ID which needs to have your photo and signature. This includes your TIN, driver’s license, passport, and any other ID that fits the requirement. You must also acquire your ITR, BIR 2316, or your latest 3-month payslip.

If you are self-employed, you will also need either your DTI or SEC registration papers before applying for this cash loan from Citibank.

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