Personal Loan Companies

Know more about the banks and lenders providing loans in the Philippines

What banks issue personal loans in the Philippines?

Personal loan companies in the Philippines can be categorized into banks and micro-lending companies, which provide money differently. Banks can loan you from P10,000 to P2,000,000, depending on your employment status, income and credit history, among other things. Especially for first-time applicants, they have a very rigorous process, but the next applications can be a breeze. For micro-lending companies, they require less documents, but the interest rates are very high. If you want to build a good credit standing, it's always best to choose banks as your trusted personal loan companies.

All major banks in the Philippines offer personal loans like BPI, BDO, Security Bank, Maybank, Citibank, UCPB, Chinatrust, Chinabank Savings and Bank of Makati. Read more to find out a more detailed profile of each bank and their loan offers.

Why should I compare personal loans with GoBear?

Comparing personal loans with GoBear means seeing a side-by-side comparison of benefis, interest rates, processing fees, requirements and eligibility. "Personal Loan Company A" and "Personal Loan Company B" may have the same requirements, but if you scroll further down, you'll know that one is better than the other card based on your needs.

Using the GoBear loan calculator, you will find out how much of the money you borrow will go to fees, how much will go to the interest rates and just how much of the loan reaches your hands. It's a neat website that allows you to compare loans of one bank with another. For example, Bank A may say that it has lower interest rate, but the bank only transferred the difference to its "other fees."



Know more about personal loan companies

If you want to know more about each bank and the personal loans that they offer, click on any link below to get a detailed overview and unbiased review.