What is borrowing power for personal loans?

Borrowing power means the amount of money that you can loan from banks in the Philippines. It includes the maximum and minimum amount that banks are willing to lend you based on your eligibility. Most personal loans are unsecured credit, which means that you do not need to present a collateral to apply, but you do have to meet certain bank requirements, and your borrowing power for personal loan largely depends on this.


How much can I borrow for personal loan?


Your borrowing power for personal loan depends on many factors: employment status, monthly income, loan tenure, and the loan amount limit settings of banks.

Employment Status


The first things that banks look for when it comes to determining how much you can borrow for personal loan are your employment status and monthly income. You must be gainfully or currently employed and have a steady income to be qualified for a loan. Freelancers and self-employed professionals also need to present a proof of income, like BIR papers, when applying for a loan.


Loan Tenure or Term of Loan
















The loan tenure also affects your borrowing power for personal loan. A loan tenure is the length of the term of the loan. Some banks offer a loan tenure of 3 months, while some can offer a longer tenure of up to 5 years. The loan tenure also affects the interest rate.


Loan Limits
















All banks have a loan amount limit setting that determines how much is your maximum borrowing power for your personal loan, depending on your monthly income. You can use the table below to compare how much you can borrow for your personal loan. You can also use GoBear to compare loans side-by-side so you can make the best choice.




Compare borrowing power for personal loan per bank


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