Personal Loan Basics

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A personal loan is one of the many lines of credit that a person can avail to ease one's way into investments, like car loans and home loans. Unlike car and home loans, personal loans are mostly "unsecured loans" or those which do not need a collateral before you can apply. They are used for various purposes like payments for tuition fees, car repair, home renovation and even to fund a portion of a business idea. With the wide array of banks offering this credit line, it's a must that you know about personal loan basics before shopping around for loans.

Personal loan basics: Things you need to know

Filipinos are good at shopping around for prices before making a final decision to buy - that’s smart buying. At GoBear, you can “shop around” by comparing banking products like personal loan basics and see a side-by-side comparison of fees, interest rates, and requirements of different deals in the market today.

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