Earn RCBC rewards for frequent travellers

Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC) Bankard offers one of the most flexible rewards program for its card holders. With an RCBC Bankard, clients can easily earn rewards for every purchase. RCBC rewards points have no limit and have no expiration for clients to enjoy and redeem anytime they want.

Earn RCBC credit card rewards

With RCBC Bankard, clients choose the way they want to be rewarded with credit card promos. The bank’s rewards program for its clients can be redeemed by getting air miles, cash credits, cash rebates, donation, account deposits, manager’s check, or shopping vouchers.

Specifically, for aspiring and frequent travelers, RCBC offers free flights by using their air miles rewards. Credit card holders can apply for their cards to convert their RCBC rewards to air miles. This way, card holders can take advantage not just of the free flights but also fully-loaded travel privileges offered by credit card promos or rewards programs. The cards eligible for these are:

  1. CUP Classic

  2. Diamond

  3. Gold

  4. JCB

  5. MasterCard

  6. Platinum

  7. Visa

  8. World RCBC Bankard

To redeem RCBC Rewards points as RCBC Bankard AIRMILES, a card holder must enroll in the RCBC Bankard AIRMILES Rewards program. One (1) rewards point is equivalent to one (1) AIRMILES. Three (3) AIRMILES can be converted to one (1) PAL Mabuhay Miles or one (1) GetGo by Cebu Pacific.

Card holders can only redeem their RCBC rewards points starting at 1,500 AIRMILES.  They should also be enrolled to Cebu Pacific GetGo Program or PAL Mabuhay Miles if they want to avail the rewards afforded by each airline.

Classic, Black Card, Gold, Infinite, and World cards earn one (1) RCBC Bankard AIRMILES for every ₱125 worth of purchase on drugstore, gas, or supermarket. All other purchases require just ₱36 to earn one (1) airmiles. Under the RCBC rewards system, UnionPay Classic and Diamond and MasterCard Diamond have the same spend requirement on drugstores, gas, and supermarket but require ₱50 for retail. UnionPay Classic and Diamond cards also earn double AIRMILES when used in restaurants and hotels in China.

Once a client redeems their rewards points by airmiles, the points cannot be converted anymore to get rebates, gift vouchers, or cash.

Remarkable travel perks coupled to RCBC credit card rewards

In addition to the RCBC travel rewards, RCBC Bankard also ensures that clients travel well with their additional travel perks. These travel perks are enumerated below:

  1. MIASCOR lounge access: Principal card holders of premium cards plus another person can get free access to the prestigious MIASCOR airport lounge. These premium cards are MasterCard Platinum, China UnionPay Diamond, Diamond Card, Black Card Platinum, Visa Infinite, and World MasterCard.

  1. Purchase protection: Clients who like to purchase items abroad can benefit from the bank’s purchase protection. This way, card holders, don’t have to worry about damaged or lost items with this kind of credit card promos.

  1. Travel insurance: Card holders who purchase their travel tickets with an RCBC Bankard automatically gets free travel insurance when they travel.

RCBC credit card promos accessible for travelers

RCBC promos for travel are also available for card holders. For example, UnionPay cardholders can enjoy discounts at Duty Free shops on selected airports or get year round travel privileges to Macau and Hong Kong. Visa card holders also have a chance to explore and experience the best of Thailand using different privileges.

Using RCBC Rewards, card holders can get the best of their travel experience with any of their RCBC Bankard credit cards. Now clients can fly for free and make the most of what RCBC travel rewards has to offer.

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